Ektu Ushnotar Jonno by Buddhadeb Guha


Buddhadeb Guha – Ektu Ushnotar Jonno

Name of Book : Ektu Ushnotar Jonno,
Book Courtesy: World Mets for you,
Book Category : Bengali Novel,
Book Writer: Buddhadeb Guha,

Ektu Ushnotar Jonno

Ektu Ushnotar Jonno as pdf written by Buddhadeb Guha

Book Review:

Ektu Ushnotar Jonno is a most popular and romantic novel. Ektu Ushnotar Jonno has been written by Buddhadeb Guha. Buddhadeb Guha is a popular Bengali writer of India. He was born 29 June 1936 in Kolkata and spend his early age in Bangladesh. He studied in Calcutta University, India.
He is most popular writer among India,Bangladesh and all Bengali community.His popular books are Pamri, Babli, Madhukari, Halud Basanta, Koyeler Kache, Ektu Ushnotar Jonno, Jogmogi, Mandur Rupmati etc are his popular books.

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