Buddhadeb Guha Seven Bengali Novel (Upanyas) ebook pdf

Satti Upanyas by Buddhadeb Guha ebook pdf get from this page below.

Name of Title – Satti Upanyas, (Seven Novel)
Author of this book is Buddhadeb Guha,
The Book is format as pdf and published from Kolkata,

Satti (seven) Upanyas by Buddhadeb Guha
Satti (Seven) Upanyas by Buddhadeb Guha ebook pdf

Buddhadeb Guha is a most famous bengali writer. He wrote lot of fictions, novels (Upanyas), Stories. Short stories and essays. He was born on June 29, 1936 in Kolkata, India. He is popular for his novels and short stories. His novels and short stories are very attractive among the new generation. His most famous novel ‘Madhukori’ according to many, it is considered a milestone in bengali literature. We can see in his writings, the background of many novels is forest and nature. He wrote a lot of novels about forests and nature, because he loved forest and nature.

He received many awards including Ananda Puraskar in 1976, Shiromani Award and Sharat Puraskar. The famous publisher from Kolkata published the seven favorite novels in one book of his writings.
The seven novels are Sajhbelate, Pakhira Jane, Sukher Kachhe, Bindas, Sareng Miya, Samudra Mekhla and Parnamochi etc.


Readers can get this golden book including above favorite seven novels as pdf from this page below.

(Satti Upanyas of Buddhadeb Guha),
link below for Download.



Size-14 mb,

Pakhira Jane by Buddhadeb Guha

Pakhira Jane,

Sukher Kachhe by Buddhadeb Guha

Sukher Kachhe
Size-7 mb,

Bindas by Buddhadeb Guha


Sareng Miya by Buddhadeb Guha

Sareng Miya


Samudramekhla by Buddhadeb Guha
Samudra Mekhla

Size-7 mb,

Parnamochi by Buddhadeb Guha

Size-9 mb,

Satti (seven) Upanyas all book as pdf file link below.

All in One Book of Satti (seven) Upanyas now Download.

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