Ghanada Samagra All Bangla Story Book


Ghanada Samagra All Volume by Premendra Mitra Bangla Story Book in pdf

Name of Ebook- Ghanada Samagra All Volume
Author Name- Premendra Mitra,
File Format- PDF
Book Volume – Three.

Ghanada Samagra Vol- I, 2 and 3 by Premendra Mitra Bangla Story Book in pdf

Premendra Mitra was a famous Bengali poet. He has written many short stories, novels and poems in Bengali. Here you can collection Ghanada Samagra in three parts. Ghanada is a popular and important character in his writings. Premendra Mitra created this Ghanada character in 1945. Ghanada is a popular fictional character in Bengali literature. Ghanadar’s real name is Ghanshyam Das. He wrote the most interesting stories for all class people and readers of all ages.

Today I share to you the most attractive and creative character story book Ghanada Samagra (Ghonada Samagra) in three volume.

All Readers can collect and read these books from this page.

Ghanada Samagra Vol-1
Ghanada Samagra Vol- 2
Ghanada Samagra Vol- 3


Ghanada Samagra All volume Bengali Story Book


  1. Anek anek dhanyabad apnader.

    Ami ei dharoner udyog ke ki vabe sahajyo korte pari bondhu janaben.

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