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Cookies Policy:

Web cookies are small text files, useful information about your browsing activity. To save almost all the websites in your browser to make your future visits more delightful and to improve the usability of the site, send these types of files.
This is a simple and safe method, because these files contain no code or personal information and can not harm your device.

This policy applies only to this website. By using, you agree to the use of cookies and accept this policy completely.

We only used our own cookies, which governs whether you agree with this policy. It helps us to remember that when you browse our web pages you have accepted it and do not ask for your permission.

Our website also uses third-party cookies, which can be stored on our computer by our partner service (Google Analytics, Google Adsense), but not by us, and we do not control them, it helps to collect and analyze site usage statistics, and to specify Showing ads, more relevant to your choices Detailed information about this type of technology and its intended use can be found at

Our partners (Google Analytics, Google AdSense) may also receive some non-personal information from your browser (such as your IP address, your travel time and date etc.), the use of our site and reports about ad statistics. We do not have access and they can not control the usage of this data. For details, please see the partner page

Disabling, almost all web browsers allow you to change the ad’s settings while accepting cookies, or use the option to limit or disable them. Detailed instructions can be found in the Help section of your browser.

Note: When you disable cookies, it should be understood that it may cause proper operation of websites.