Prem Nei Romantic Bengali ebook by Niharanjan Gupta

Book name- Prem Nei
Book Format- pdf,
Book size- 39MB
Book Pages- 344

Niharanjan Gupta has written the book Prem Nei (No Love). The first publication of this book was published in Bengal in the thirteenth century from Calcutta.
Love can never walk That love inadvertently takes place in the mind and we do not know. There is no language of love, no scope, there is abundance.
In such a perfect love of the mind, ‘Golpul’ was bursting on the chest of the picture.
In this love story of Niharranjan Gupta, from the heroine to the heroine, everyone who came when the tide in the river of love, did not float in the tide and returned to the real world. The poet has a lot in common with the book “There is no love” in the story. He finds out that ‘love’ and ‘love’ are intimately linked to each other.

Many of his writings, Bengali writers continue to carry on in a unique way in the society which we still see today. So this author’s romantic book is a unique essay that will enrich the readership.

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Prem Nei


  1. This book is not Written by Niharranjan Gupta.The actual writer is Gourkishore Ghosh (Roopdarshi).
    Please amend the name of autho.

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