Purohit Darpan Religious Book by Surendramohan Bhattacharya

Purohit Darpan by Surendramohan Bhattacharya PDF   Category – Religious Books, Compiled by Surendramohan Bhattacharya, Purohit Darpan has been compiled by Pandit Surendramohan Bhattacharya. It is not difficult to determine why there is a shortage of holy priests in Hindu society. Lack of adequate income in this business. It is not possible for the priests […]

Sonar Tori Poem Book by Rabindranath Tagore

Sonar Tori by Rabindranath Tagore PDF Name of Book – Sonar Tori, Book Category – Poems Book, Book Format – PDF, Poet Rabindranath Tagore wrote the book of poems ‘Sonar Tori’. Poet Guru Rabindranath Tagore written the book of poems Sonar Tori. Sonar Tori is one of the famous Bengali books of Bengali literature. Today, […]

The Indian Antiquary Vol – 33 (1904) by John Faithfull Fleet

The Indian Antiquary Vol – 33 (1904) by John Faithfull Fleet PDF Book – The Indian Antiquary Vol-33, Author – John Faithfull Fleet, Book pages – 527, Book Size- 60 MB, Indian Paleography by Johann Georg Buhler. (प्राचीन शिलालेखों का अध्ययन – প্রত্নতত্ত্ব-সম্বন্ধীয়) Professor Buhler’s Indische Palaeographie, consisting of 96 pages of letter-press, with a […]

Anandalok Pujabarshiki 2018 (1425) Bengali Magazine

Anandalok Pujabarshiki 2018 (1425) Bengali Magazine. Magazine name – Anandalok Pujabarshiki 2018 (1425), Bengali Language, Format- PDF, Version – Digital, Pages- 332, Size-85 MB. Anandalok Pujabarshiki 2018 (1425) Bengali Magazine PDF. This year’s special issue of Anandalok Pujabarshiki contains interviews with various heroes and heroines, as well as sections, novels by writers. The novel ‘Dear […]