Popular Various Bengali Books of Shankar ebook pdf


Some most Popular Bengali books of Shankar ebook pdf.

Some Popular books of Shankar by Shankar

Name of Author- Shankar ( Actual Name is Mani Shankar Mukherjee.)

Various Bengali Books of Shankar.

Shankar (Mani Shankar Mukherjee) is a most popular writer in Bengali language. He is not only a writer, he novelist, essayist and researcher also. He wrote lot of Bengali Novels, short stories and essays. His most popular work Swami Vivekananda. He was born on 7th December,1933 at Bongoan, North 24 Pargana, West Bengal, India. His father died on his childhood. So he entered into professional life in his early life and became a clerk to the Calcutta High Court under Noel Frederick Barwell and others time he worked as typewriter cleaner, private tutor,and Hawker etc..

His most popular books are Abosarika, Ami Vivekananda Bolchhi, Bhraman Samagra Part-01, Bhraman Samagra Part-02, Chowringhee, Ek Bag Shankar, Ekhane Okhane, Epar Bangla Opar, Jana Desh Ajana Katha, Jekhane Jemon, Jog Beyog Gun Bhag, Koto Ajanare, Monjangal, Muktir Swad, Rasabati, Samrat O Sundari, Shankar Kishor Rachana Samagra, Sohosa, Swarga Marta Patal and Tin Bhubaner Katha etc.

Readers can get some popular Various Bengali Books whish was written by Shankar from this page below.

Abosarika Novel by Shankar

Ami Vivekananda Bolchhi by Shankar

Bhraman Samagra Part-01 by Shankar

Bhraman Samagra Part-02 by Shankar

Chowringhee by Shankar

Ek Bag Shankar by Shankar

Ekhane Okhane by Shankar

Epar Bangla Opar Bangla by Shankar

Jana Desh Ajana Katha by Shankar

Jekhane Jemon by Shankar

Jog Beyog Gun Bhag by Shankar

Koto Ajanare by Shankar

Monjangal by Shankar

Muktir Swad by Shankar

Rasabati by Shankar

Samrat O Sundari by Shankar

Shankar Kishor Rachana Samagra by Shankar

Sohosa by Shankar

Swarga Marta Patal by Shankar.


Tin Bandhur Katha by Shankar
Some popular Various Bengali Books by Shankar.

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