Sandipan Pathshala Novel by Tarasankar Bandopadhyay Bangla PDF


Sandipan Pathshala Novel by Tarasankar Bandopadhyay.

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The novel Sandipan Pathshala was written by the famous Bengali writer Shri Tarasankar Bandopadhyay.

Sandipan Pathshala was published in 1352(Bengali) as Krishak Udayast, but the author changed the name of the book to Sandipan Pathshala.
The life of a teacher in Bangladesh is neglected and disrespected. There is no question of school teachers or pundits, their happiness and sorrows are neglected in the neglected social life. They are deprived of even the slightest respect. There are two or four humorous essays about them in our literature. Sitaram I have seen the identity of the mind of reality many times. The writer had long wanted to portray him in literature, but this Sandeepan Pathshala novel was written with the aim of realizing that dream.
Author Tarashankar Banerjee has given a beautiful account of the torture and inhumane treatment of teachers at that time and their economic crisis in this book.
When the desire for the establishment of man forgets the idea of ​​food and clothing, then he forgets the obstacles of the real earth, the path of the earth, the path of the earth.

As we know, there is a story about an astronomer who fell into a well on a dark night looking at the stars in the sky. The man who rescued him did not stop at rescuing him, but also gave him invaluable advice. The man said, ‘Bapu, first know the news of the earth, then look at the sky.

Writer Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay has told this story about Sitaram. Sitaram, look down and see how many people are better off than you, how many people are more respected than you. Don’t go and calculate, then the fire of unrest will not be extinguished. How many people are worse off than you? How many are younger than you? Try to calculate, then you will spend your day in peace, whether you are happy or not.

Sitaram’s kulguru said, son, there is no difference between desire and fire. The nature of desire is like a flame of fire. No matter how much you turn him down, he will immediately turn his face upwards, but when he does, life is like a pile of burnt wood, ashes and coal.
These words touched Sitaram’s heart but he still can’t believe it today. The farmer’s son went to the local high school as per the custom of the day. Back home. But the fire of ambition has already been remembered. She wants a job. He will be a servant. Will be respected in the world as a scholar,
But his father Ramanath said, no, he means you leave. We are farmers. The main occupation of the ancestors was farming. By cultivating this land, we have been able to eat it and submit it to our children. Leaving all that, you are looking for a job. Even if it was a job like a job, I would understand!
Sitaram stood with his head bowed and listened to those words.

Author Tarashankar Bandopadhyay has created a beautiful essay on family life and teacher life at that time.

We hope that the readers will appreciate the Sandipan Pathshala novel and will definitely enjoy reading it. To this end, we have provided the PDF file of the book on our website.


Sandipan Pathshala PDF

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