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Our website is https://www.worldmets.com/ and named as Bengali ebook pdf.
The main objective of our website ‘https://www.worldmets.com/’ is, in this age of the Internet, any Bengali book through the internet to earn knowledge, anyone can download from our website for that purpose, rare books of famous writers were given on our website for easy way to download.
It is possible to develop humanity and values in social life through proper education, through which various improvements are made in human life. As a result, social improvement is possible.
Its role is to bring education to its consciousness and to shape the orderly society. By reading the books, people will develop knowledge, quality, experience and range, as a successful human being in wisdom and engage themselves in social welfare. There is no other helpful friend in the book to fill a man’s loneliness with joy.
The Poet Jasimuddin said about the importance of reading books: “Books have been symbols of knowledge, symbols of happiness, people have come from the ancient period of creation, and have gone, none of the fame, values, wealth, power can be left, but filled the book’s pages, they have their hopes, desires, What they want from, what cannot be done, everything they have written. He also said about the depth of the book reading, “The book can take you past, present, future — all the time, in a country where you are not likely to go any day, you can easily go to that country by chasing the book.”
So our request to all readers, please read and download the Bengali books yourselves and will help to read to others.
If a person or organization tries to download books or business from our website with any ill motive, then all copyrights will apply to it. We’ve collected all the books from the web.
If any person has any of his reserved books on our website and wants to remove any book or any copyright issue, then he should send us an e-mail or please contact to our contact form link is given below, then we will be expelled from the website immediately. [email protected] or please request to go the removal page for complaint here. https://www.worldmets.com/ebooks-removal-request/