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Digha Nikaya Bengali by Bhikkhu Shilbhadra eBook PDF

Digha Nikaya Siddhartha Translated in Bengali by Bhikkhu Shilbhadra PDF. Book – Digha Nikaya and Siddhartha, Composed by – Monk Shilbhadra, Version – Bengali, Book Format – PDF, Book Pages – 666, PDF Size – 20 MB, Siddhartha & Digha Nikaya is a Buddhist scripture translated by the Bhikkhu Shilbhadra. There are two main reasons […]

Dhammapada Composed by Bhikkhu Shilbhadra

Dhammapada (Bengali) Composed by Bhikkhu Shilbhadra ebook pdf. Book- Dhammapada (Bengali) Author- Composed by Mahasthavira Monk Shilvadra. The Dhammapada was composed in Bengali language by Bhikkhu Shilvadra. Dhammapada is one of the best texts of ancient Buddhism. This Dhammapada is written in Pali which is considered as the best book in Buddhism. The superiority of […]