Harman Siddhartha Novel Tr by Shilvadra

Harman Hess Siddhartha Novel Translated by Monk Shilvadra

The name of The novel – Siddhartha,
Translator Author’s Name – Harman Hess
The translator – Bhikkhu Shilvadra,
Category – Religious Books,
The format of the book – PDF file.
Number of Pages in the book – 214,
PDF file Size – 5 MB,

The famous Siddhartha novel of Harman Hess translated by Bhikkhu Shilvadra.

The Bhikkhu Shilvadra has translator of the Siddhartha novel which was written by the poet Harman Hess. By Siddhartha we usually mean the hero of Hess, but he is not. However, the invisible presence of the Buddha in the background of the story can always be felt. I see him only once in the story. The hero of Hess is a young Brahmin Kumar. The scriptures and the Yajnas could not answer his life question. So he left home and said that he became proficient in all kinds of austerities. But still did not get the answer, what is the purpose of life? And what is the way to get rid of the pain that life inevitably brings?

He was very pleased to hear the advice of the Gautama Buddha, but Siddhartha did not accept his discipleship. Because he does not have confidence in seriousness. Siddhartha left the void and returned to the locality to experience life to the fullest. You have practiced asceticism for so long, now you have to get the identity of the joys and sorrows of family life. So Rupopajivani came to the city and took the first lesson of love from Kamala and with her help financial establishment.

After spending some time in extreme luxury, Siddhartha suddenly left everything like worn out clothes and went out on the road. At the invitation of an old ferryman, he spent the rest of his life in his cottage. Siddhartha’s general understanding of life – the way of life is to find oneself, not to know from others. Education can be done from the guru, knowledge is not available. The beginning of the sorrow of the world is the attempt to divide time into past, present and future. In fact the flow of time is one and indivisible. Present everywhere from the source of the river to the estuary. Just as this reservoir has no past and no future, so Mahakala cannot be divided into past and future. How sad I am to lose my favorite thing, in fact nothing in the world is lost like river water. The water of the river evaporates, forms clouds, and rains again. The current of life is flowing in such an endless stream. In it sin and virtue, good and evil, the union of man and beast has taken place. Seeing unity even in diversity, it is possible for one who can love the world in spite of a thousand faults, to realize the mystery of life.

There is no philosophical novel like Siddhartha in Bengali literature. The translator has repeatedly had to stop for philosophical synonyms while translating. It was not possible to translate without using a large number of Sanskrit words. Therefore, the language of translation could not be the language of modern Bengali novels. Siddhartha’s story is not like a normal novel, – this is the biggest excuse for this exception.

This book will be considered as an invaluable resource for current readers and literary researchers. At the request of many readers, after a hard search, the PDF file of this hard-collected book is given on that page.

As this book is quite popular among literary researchers and readers, the book collected as a PDF file is given on this page. You can collect and read the PDF file of the book from this web page.


PDF file of Siddhartha novel.

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