Chandidaser Srikrishnakirtan by Amitrasudan Bhattacharya PDF

Baru Chandidaser Srikrishnakirtan edited by author Amitrasudan Bhattacharya.

Book NameĀ  – Baru Chandidaser Srikrishnakirtan,
Author’s name – Baru Chandidas,
Compiler Name – Amitrasudan Bhattacharya,
Category of books – Religious books,
Book FormatĀ  – PDF,
Book Pages – 392,
Book size – 12 MB,

Baru Chandidaser Srikrishnakirtan has been edited by author Amitrasudan Bhattacharya.

Baru Chandidaser Srikrishnakirtan written by Baru Chandidas is the oldest poetic work in Bengali literature. Not only is it the oldest book, but for various reasons it is a valuable book in the history of Bengali literature. The language of Srikrishnakirtan is ancient and therefore very difficult for the modern reader. Professor Sukumar Sen wrote in his book History of Bengali Literature – First Volume that for a long time the poem Srikrishnakirtan was published in 1916, but for various reasons, Sahityarasik’s vision was not so attracted to the poem. This negligence is not absolutely unreasonable, there is an obstacle to enter Srikrishnakirtan. Spelling, unconventional language is somewhat obscure, but one who avoids the sting of the nasal passage, treads on the thorns of the mahaprana sound, and jumps into the unfamiliar words, will not be deceived.

Acharya Yogesh Chandra Roy Vidyanidhi has noticed the lack of publicity of Srikrishnakirtan Kavya. He wrote in the first issue of Sahitya Parishad in 1342 (Bengali) that the post of Baru Chandidas was not advertised, there were very few readers of Srikrishnakirtan. Perhaps the general reader can be blessed by tasting the juice with the help of a few ticks if he chooses a verse from Srikrishnakirtan and publishes a separate book called Chandidaser Satpath in Chandidasi language as much as possible.

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The total number of verses in Srikrishnakirtan Kavya is 418. The second part of the present text is a compilation of selected verses of Srikrishnakirtan. The number of compiled terms is not one hundred, but two hundred. The author did not try to break the language of the post oBaru Chandidas into Chandidasi. The author thinks that the purpose for which Yogesh Chandra Roy proposed language reform would be achieved without interfering with the language with the help of Bengali translation. The author of this book has followed the language and spelling of the book completely, he has not corrected where the text seems to be impure. This book Srikrishnakirtan has been published in many translations of Charyagiti in modern Bengali language and this is the first attempt to translate the verse.

This Srikrishnakirtan book is divided into three parts. The first part contains poetry discussion, the second part analyzes the translation of verses and verses, and the third part introduces linguistic commentary and mythological context. The poetry discussion part is full of 19 chapters. In this part, attempts have been made to determine the uniqueness and value of Srikrishnakirtan from different angles. Professor Prabodh Chandra Sen has written a basic essay on the rhythm of Srikrishnakirtan in the appendix of the present text, which has been printed in full. In this context, he wrote to the editor that the importance of the rhythmic theory of Srikrishnakirtan is not less than the importance of his linguistics. There was a special need for research in this regard. The author also had a wish but it is not now. He took it as his inspiration. There is no doubt that this article will be considered as a valuable chapter in the history of the evolution of Bengali rhythm. The author thanked Professor Sen Mahasaya for the essay.

Dr. Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay has given the most time in the preparation of the present book. Prof. Dr. Bimanbihari Majumdar has provided considerable help and assistance in compiling and compiling this book. Professor Durgacharan Chattopadhyay has shown the translation of some Sanskrit verses. Professor Rathindranath Roy and Dr. Sushil Roy have assisted in various ways to organize the book and Aparna Chakraborty has assisted in gathering information. He has received considerable assistance from the Bangiya Sahitya Parishad of Calcutta University and Maharaja Manindrachandra College.
Srikrishnakirtan is one of the oldest poetic specimens in Bengali literature, so there is no doubt that this book will be very dear to the readers, so the PDF file of the book is given on this web page.

Readers can easily collect this book from this page and read it online.

Chandidaser Srikrishnakirtan PDF

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