Dhammapada Composed by Bhikkhu Shilbhadra

Dhammapada (Bengali) Composed by Bhikkhu Shilbhadra ebook pdf.

Book- Dhammapada (Bengali)
Author- Composed by Mahasthavira Monk Shilvadra.

The Dhammapada was composed in Bengali language by Bhikkhu Shilvadra. Dhammapada is one of the best texts of ancient Buddhism. This Dhammapada is written in Pali which is considered as the best book in Buddhism. The superiority of the Dhammapada of Buddhism is in thought and language. The language is simple and touching. Thought is very high, the best resource of Gautama Buddha’s teaching is its inherent. In addition, the idea has been expressed with the help of a fair and beautiful analogy that is familiar to every Indian.

I do not think it is necessary to discuss the author of the Dhammapada, but it is not unreasonable to think that the words of Lord Buddha or his translation are recorded in this text. The consistency and content of the texts make it clear that it is primarily a basic text. Later, the volume of this book has been increased by collecting various verses.

Dhammapada has been prevalent in many languages ​​since time immemorial. Written in Sanskrit, Udanvarga is basically the Dhammapada of the Sarvastivad community. The Dhammapada of a particular community was also written in Prakrit.
These two texts have been partially published, discovered from the ruins of Central Asia. Moreover, this book has multiple Chinese translations. A comparative examination of all these texts will reveal the ancient origins of the Dhammapada. For all these reasons, Buddhism needs to spread this invaluable resource.

This translation of Bhikkhu Shilvadra deserves respect. A Bengali translation of Sutta Nipat has already been published from his writings. We know this, but his translations will serve as a guide. He has a strong etymology in Pali. The language of his translation is simple and straightforward. Needless to say, he was very careful in maintaining the simplicity of the idea and language of the original text, so Dhammaism, the famous book of Buddhism written in Pali, has certainly contributed to the healthy and social development of human society and deserves praise. So we have given the PDF file of this book to us on this web page. If you think you want to do and want to collect, then you must go to the link of this web page and click.

Read the famous book of Buddhism composed by the monk Shilvadra of Dhammapada Mahasthavi and find out what works or how important Dhammapada Buddhism works in the social development of human life. His knowledge of the basic tenets of Buddhism is so clear that the way he translates the terminology of Buddhism is appropriate. So this book written by Shilbhadra has been published in Bengali translation and it can be called a rare collection.

Dhammapada is one of the books of Khuddaknikaya belonging to Suttapitaka of Buddhist Tripitaka Just as the Bhagavad Gita has its place among the Hindus and the Dhammapada has its place among the Buddhists.

The verses of Dhammapada were recited to Emperor Ashoka, from which we can say that Dhammapada existed in Pali language in the third century BC. Later, several adaptations of the original Pali Dhammapada in Sanskrit were published. The text was later translated from Sanskrit into Chinese.

Dhammapada has been composed by connecting two words. These two words have different meanings. Dhammapada is a combination of the two words ‘dharma’ and ‘pada’.
The Dhammapada was translated into Latin, French, English, and German in Europe, and the northern text gained considerable respect throughout the world.
The plot of this book is touching. Those shots will hit the hearts of thoughtful people. This book is derived from the perceived knowledge of the greatest thinkers of all time. The composition of the book is simple and straightforward as it has been written for the benefit of the general public. That is why the popularity of Dhammapada is amazing.
The essence of Buddhism and principles is collected in Dhammapada. The foundation of the four Aryan true Buddhists is firstly sorrow, secondly the origin of sorrow, thirdly the restraint of sorrow and fourthly the Aryan astanga path which calms sorrow. He who remembers Buddhism and Sangha, who fully realizes the four Aryan truths, is freed from all sorrow.

The Dhammapada was translated into Latin, French, English, Zaman, etc. of Europe and found endless solutions. Professor Albert wrote in his introduction to the English translation of the Dhammapada by Advance Carr that after 2000 years of Roman and Christian culture, Dhammapada has received praise from every educational institution in Europe and America.

It is impossible for any religion to clash with the universal teachings of the Dhammapada. It is not opposed to any religion in the world, so the scope of this scripture Dhammapada is all over the world. People of any religion in the world i.e. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims can all read.

Shilbhadra was born into a royal family of south-eastern Bangladesh at that time. The royal family was of Brahmin caste and at an early age he went to Nalanda Mahavihara University in Magadha to study religious subjects, where he received training from Acharya Dharmapala, the Acharya of the university, and under him received extensive education in religious subjects. He later became a Buddhist monk. After the death of his guru Dharmapala, he became the Chancellor of Nalanda University. Although he was a prince, he gave up power and became a monk. It is known that when the king of Magadha wanted to give him a city gift, he politely refused.

Shilvadra won a religious debate at the age of 30 and became famous abroad for his expertise. Shilvadra was the teacher of the famous Chinese traveler and monk Hiuen Tsang, he came from China.
At that time a king of South India wanted to give him the revenue of a city and he took it. There he later built a beautiful monastery called Shilbhadra Bihar.
It is known that the king gave him a city for a special reason.
Guru Dharmapala, a Pandit from South India, was jealous of Dharmapala’s erudition and pursuit of knowledge. At the request of the local king, Guru Dharmapala agreed to participate in the contest, but Shilbhadra himself expressed his desire to take part in the debate instead of his guru. He was 30 years old at the time, and he won the battle, and the local king gave him the city as a reward.

We have given the PDF file of this book Dhammapada in Bengali on this page. If you think you want to read and collect, then you must go to the link of this page and click.

Dhammapada of Bhikkhu Shilvadra pdf

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