Sabita Novel by Janaki Nath Mukhopadhyay PDF

Sabita novel by Janaki Nath Mukhopadhyay PDF.

Name- Sabita,
Book Category – Novel,
Book Size- 17 MB,

The novel Sabita is beautifully analyzed by Janaki Nath Mukhopadhyay based on real experiences of human life.
Author Janaki Nath Mukhopadhyay focuses on science and various aspects of early Aryan science and science. He has analyzed the various aspects of the universe that we are involved in science and consciousness activities and the innovative power that is present to move social life forward or moving forward. The book also deals with various aspects of meteorology, astronomy and eclipses.
What is the cause of the creation of the earth and the cause of day and night or the day and night being equal and the motion of the sun day and night? Discussion about the color of the sun and the function of the sun’s rays, etc. In this book, the author has discussed all the concepts.
This universe is made up of innumerable trees and animals, the human race is the best of all living beings and the Aryan race is the best of all human beings, but why? He sheds light on the subject.

Now it is a question of why the Aryan race was the greatest benefactor and the only Aryan race, whether it was immovable, whether it was jungle, whether it was material, whether it was tree, worshiped him wholeheartedly. For example, they learned about the benefits of the ash tree and the banyan tree, so they tied the two trees together and arranged their marriage. Etc. In this novel, the author has beautifully revealed various unknown facts.
In the novel Sabita, various aspects of science have been discussed and highlighted with more emphasis on the subject of science. In discussing science, the author claims that India is the birthplace of science, India is the origin and end of science, the great science has been discovered by the Aryans and the Aryans have enjoyed its results.

The Aryan people of India have also discovered the relationship of human nature with chemical science, Ayurvedic nutrition, astronomy and the celestial sphere. The last age has organized the attainment of extreme matter as science. Mahavijnana has conquered death and gained health from celibacy. Trilok has mastered travel and trikalajnana in the past by Mahavijnan Tapasyadi.

The great sciences say that the great scientists have organized the creation of men and women from the fire of Yajna and have created firearms from the fire of the sun. Where is that science today? Those great men or where today he has no science, no knowledge, no giver of knowledge. Today everyone lacks, there is only that memory.
The human intellect is elegant from the practice of science, where is the science education today that strengthens the intellect by thinking according to the scientific method? If there is to be national improvement, if there is to be increase in practical happiness, then science must be self-sufficient. Science is the key to the natural mystery. That mystery has created the hard covering of the earth from the most subtle matter. Today we have none of that. Now in the past our pride, in the memory of our greatness, we are rich but living in poverty. So we are living by moving on to the past. The day science grants us the day we will be successful and the day we will leave the past and become the pride of the present. On that day we will improve in every way. Then Dhane-Jane-Mane means we will get to the top of all.

The author has beautifully discussed the universe, human life and various phenomena of nature in this novel which we have not come to know in such a beautiful way through any other medium. We think that it is possible to know many unknown facts about human life, nature and the universe by reading this novel .
So we have given the link of the PDF file of Sabita novel on this page. You will be able to collect and read the PDF file of Sabita Bookstore as you wish.

Sabita novel PDF.

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