Manush Khun Kare Keno by Debesh Roy (Beduin) PDF

Manush Khun Kare Keno Novel by Debesh Roy (Beduin) ebook pdf.

Manush Khun Kare Keno (Why do people kill) – this larger novel analyzes the diversity and variety of lifestyles in the Darjeeling area of India. In this book, he paints a different picture of the communist movement. The unity of Nepalis against the Madhesis, the unity of the hill people against the foreigners – these are the slogans we see in this book. In this book, he has shed light on various developmental aspects of North Bengal, especially the development of railways. If we want to know about the book Manush Khun Kare Keno (Why do people kill) we must read this book.

Another special novel by author Debesh Roy is Pathe Prantare. In this novel, he paints a beautiful picture of subjugation and freedom, scarcity and abundance, ‘monarchy and democracy’ and various aspects of subjugated India. In this book, he has skillfully described the oppression of the English at that time.

Famous novels of Debesh Roy

Pathe Prantare
Uchhinya Ucharon
Manush Khun Kare Keno

Bedouin is the pseudonym of the famous Bengali writer Debesh Roy of India. He was born in 1917 in Rajshahi of Bangladesh. He was a famous novelist and short story writer of Bengali literature. He wrote most of his novels and stories under his pseudonym. He gained an outstanding reputation in Bengali literature at that time and created a unique precedent. He has been editing Bengali Parichay Patrika for a decade since 1979. His first novel is Jayati.

His famous memoirs include Manush khun Kare Keno (Why do people kill), Etihaser Lokjan, (History People), Swami Stree (Husbands and Wives), Jiban Charit (Biographies), Assassination, Sahamaran (Suicide), Hanan Atmahanan (Combat), Jhudhyer Bhitor Judhya (War in War), Maffswaler Brityanta (Villages History), Samay Asamayer Brityanta (Timeless Time), Uchhinya Ucharon etc. Wrote the novel. His famous stories are Short Stories of Debesh Roy and he has written many essays, the most notable of which are Rabindranath and his Adigadya, Samay Samakal, novels, eighteenth century Bengali prose, colonial society and Bengali journalistic prose. In 1958 he received the Presidential Award. In 1990, he received the Sahitya Akademi Award for the highest literary honor in Bengali literature for his novel Tistaparer Brittanta.

He was a famous Bengali writer. Each of his books is very important. He has written many stories and novels based on the current social context. His famous novel Uchhinna Uchcharan caused quite a stir in every house in Bengal at that time. In that novel, he has analyzed the context of air, life, soil, sky and nature beautifully. Author Debesh Roy died in 2001.

The link of his famous Bengali novel Manush khun Kare Keno (Why do people kill) is given below this page. You can read and collect the PDF file below if you want.


Manush khun Kare Keno novel PDF

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