Ucchinna Uccharan Story Book by Debesh Roy ebook pdf

Ucchinna Uccharan story book by Debesh Roy ebook pdf.

Uchhinna Uchcharan is a famous novel by Author Debesh Roy (Bedouin).

Author Debesh Roy has written the famous Bengali story book Uchhinna Uchcharan.
This storybook, Uchhinna Uchcharan, mainly deals with the natural environment and some real life experiences of human life. He has described and shed light on the natural environment i.e. air or wind from nature, light and darkness etc.
From air to life This fauna still exists. Life without air is illusory to think of the world universe, because where there is no air, there is no vibration of life.
Each of us is constantly marked by the four directions of waking and sleeping, the rotation and the stillness, the standing and the sleeping, the hardness and the solution, the four directions and the four intersections of those four directions. These four directions are east, west, north, south, and one of the directions of fire, wind, northeast, and southwest. Although the limits of each are fixed, the wind violates all the limits and moves in different directions from each direction.
No one can keep the wind. His equal journey around the world. The way is open around him.
He discusses the differences in the variety and balance of this natural environment. Which has made it very realistic and subjective. In this writing, he has painted a very realistic picture of the rules and regulations of human society.

Some Famous novels by Debesh Roy (Bedouin).

Itihaser Lokjan,
Manush khun Kare Keno,
Pathe Prantare,
Uchhinya Ucharon

Author Profile: –
Bedouin is the pseudonym of famous Bangladeshi writer Debesh Roy. He was born in 1917 in Rajshahi, present day Bangladesh. He was a famous novelist and short story writer of Bengali literature. He wrote mostly stories and novels under his pseudonym. He gained an outstanding reputation in Bengali literature. He has been the editor of Parichay Patrika for a decade since 1979. His first novels are Jayati, his famous memoirs are Manush Khun Kare Keno, Etihasher Lokjan, swami and stree, Jiban Charit Prabesh, Hanan Atmahanan, Sahamaran, Judhyer Bhitar Judhya, Muffaswaler Brityanta, Samay Asamoyer Brityanta, etc. Wrote stories and novels. His famous story books are Uchhinna Uchchan, Debesh Roy’s short story etc. He has written numerous essays, most notably ‘Rabindranath and His Prose‘, Samay Samakal, with the novel, Eighteenth Century Bengali Prose, Colonial Society and Bengali Journalist Prose and the 1958 President’s Award. In 1990, he received the highest literary honor in Bengali literature, the Sahitya Akademi Award, based on the novel Tistaparer Birtyanta.

He is a famous Bengali writer. Each of his books is very important. He has written many stories in the current social context. His famous novel Uchhinna Uchcharan caused quite a stir in every house in Bengal at that time. In that novel, he has beautifully analyzed the context of air, life, soil, sky and nature.

In this story book, he has beautifully illuminated the various descriptions of the arrival of human society in the human world. He has given a unique dimension in his writings on the subject of mountains, sea, heaven, earth and hell. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ”
He has given a beautiful description of wind in this book. “If the wind could dig, how many layers of earth would these pots come up from?” He wrote, “If any echo could have come down from the snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga with the person and the combined velocity of the glacier, some of his sayings in this book could have come down to the plains as silt.”
In this story book, the author Debesh Roy has beautifully described various aspects of natural, real and unnatural objects and earthly objects. Nana has described the birth and movement of the human soul and its end.

If you read the book, you will easily get the analysis of the above informative quote.

Below is a link to the PDF file of the book, so that you can easily read and collect the book.

Ucchinna Uccharan PDF file.

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