Bihanga Basana Bengali Novel by Narayan Sanyal PDF

Bihanga Basana Bengali Novel by Narayan Sanyal pdf.

Name – Bihanga Basana
Author – Narayan Sanyal
Book Format- PDF
Book Size- 12 MB

The novel Bihanga Basana was written by author Narayan Sanyal.

Bihanga Basana is a beautiful Bengali novel written by renowned Bengali writer Narayan Sanyal. Narayan Sanyal was a well-known author of modern Bengali literature. His home was Krishnanagar. He graduated from Calcutta University and later passed as a civil engineer.
But he has always had a great interest in literature and he has written many books on that subject. The traitor wrote his famous books.

The information contained in the novel Bihanga Basana by Narayan Sanyal is taken from the famous book of Captain Hillary, a famous foreign writer. Writer Narayan Sanyal has imagined the setting of some events, dialogues, etc. while writing this novel, but he has not distorted any historical information for the sake of fiction. The famous author Captain Hillary, the heroine of his original book was Peter Peace’s fiance Venus. Surprisingly, the name of this female character was not mentioned by the author Narayan Sanyal in this Bengali novel. So those who want to know about the life-philosophy of Richard Hillary must read the original book. The original book, The Last Enemy, was first published in 1942.
The most surprising thing is that the publisher did not give any introduction to the famous writers and did not say whether it is a fictional novel or a real memoir. Even Hillary wrote the book at the age of 23, perhaps the only one published, and the author died in 1943 in a plane crash. The author cites some practical quotations during the writing of this novel. He did not receive any response or comprehension from reading the original text. He later read Stories of War – Volume One, published by Reader’s Digest, which seemed particularly important to him. He then wrote the novel in 1963.

In this book, the author has beautifully highlighted the various revelations of human life, the busyness and the new innovations. People are flying in the sky today, flying wildly, constantly flying, all over the world tonight, every three seconds, one or two passenger planes are leaving the earth to find the edge of the sky and reach the moon, will go to other planets. Soon someone will sit down to write the epic ‘Space Odyssey’. In China, Egypt and Greece, we have found descriptions of the folklore of ancient civilizations flying from different countries of the world to India.

A Greek narrator has left a description of how a captive father and son tried to fly to Sicily by air from the prison of King Mins on the island of Crete. The account shows that the father Daedalus reached his destination safely, but the son Icarus could not do so. Icarus flew or fell very close to the sun – his wings burned, and he was buried in the sea. In other words, the numerology of the Greek legend indicates that the probability of 50 percent success in the air travel can be expected.

Unfortunately the success rate of the historical era was not maintained. The fate of the son seemed to pull them more than the father. According to an ancient folktale from Great Britain, about 3,000 years ago, one of the legendary kings of England, Maharaja Baladud, had a miraculous power. The Maharaja founded the city of Bladudah or Bladudah and established a university at Stamford, Lincolnshire, and the name of the city of London at the time suggests that London was a Gandgram in South India. The then name of London was Trinabhendam. There was a high temple of Apello Dev. And there are many amazing stories about that temple that you will find in this novel.

The author has beautifully analyzed the various events of human life flying in the sky in the novel Bihanga Basana, so we believe that this novel will be appreciated and accepted by the readers.

The history of the rest of the story in the novel Bihanga Basana is recorded in this book. You must enjoy reading an unknown historical novel and express your valuable opinion by reading it.

The PDF file of the book is given below. Click on the link below to read and collect the book, you will get the PDF file of the book Bihanga Basana.

Bihanga Basana PDF file.

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