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The some famous Novels of Author Debesh Roy (Bedouin).

Bedouin is the pseudonym of author Debesh Roy. He was born in 1917 in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. He was a prominent Indian novelist and story writer of Bengali literature. He wrote mostly stories and novels with his pseudonym. He achieved an outstanding reputation in Bengali literature. He edited a decade in Parichay Magazine from 1979. His first novel is Jajati and famous novels are Manush khun Kare Keno (Why People Kill), Etihaser Lokjan (People of History), Pathe Prantare, Swami-Stree (Wife-Husbend), Jiban Charit Prabesh (Biographical Entrance), Hanan-Atmahanon, Sahamaran, Judhyer Bhitor Judhya (War-Within-the-War), Mufswala Chitra, and many other stories and more wrote the novels.

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His famous short stories are Debesh Royer Choto Galpo (The Short Story of Debesh Roy) and he has written many articles, most notably among the essays are Rabindranath O tar Adigadya, Samay Samakal, Upanyash Niye , Atharo Shataker Bangla Godya (eighteenth-century Bengali prose), Upanibesher Samaj  O Bangla Sanbadik Gadya  (Colonial society and Bangla journalist prose) and in 1958. He received the President Award. In 1990, he received the highest literary honor of Sahitya Akademi Award in Bengali literature, on the title of Tistaparer Brityanta.
He was a renowned Bengali writer and has written many stories in each of his books in the most important current social context. His famous novel, Uchhinya Ucharan (Ugly Accent), stirred quite a stir at that time in every room of Bengal. In that novel, he has carefully analyzed the context of air, soul, soil, sky and nature.

In this larger novel, Manush khun Kare Keno (Why people kill), he analyzes the variations and different lifestyles of the Darjeeling area. In this book he portrays various images of the Communist movement. We see in this book the slogans of the Nepalese unity against the Madhesiya, the unity of the hill people against the foreigners. He has highlighted the various stages of development of the railway, especially the development of railways in North Bengal.
Our must read this book ‘Manush khun Kare Keno’ to know why people kill. Another special novel by author Debesh Roy is Pathe Prantare (On the way-desert). The novel depicts the depictions of subjugation and independence, lack and abundance, monarchy and democracy, and subordinate India. In this book he gives a thorough account of the oppression of the British Government of that time. Author Debesh Roy (Bedouin) died in 2001.

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Itihaser Lokjan, Manush khun Kare Keno, Pathe Prantare, Swami-Stree, Uchhinya Ucharon

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