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Ladli Begum has written by Bengali author Narayan Sanyal.

Book name – Ladli Begum,
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Ladli Begum is a beautiful poetical book containing historical events written by Bengali author Narayan Sanyal.

The Description of Writer Narayan Sanyal.

Narayan Sanyal was a prominent author of modern Bengali literature. His home was Krishnanagar. He graduated from Calcutta University and later passed on as a civil engineer.
But he always had a great attachment to literature and wrote many books on that source. His remarkable work Sci-Fictions Nakshatraloker Dematatma. The Biswasghatak (traitor) is a well-known book by him. This book was written originally based on the Brigadier then A Thousand Suns, a biographical history of an atomic scientists.
He was born on April 26, 1924 and died at age 80. He died on February 27, 2005.

The History of Ladli Begum

Some other special most prominent work of Narayan Sanyal

Upanyas (ten novels)
Kantai Kantai 6 Volume
Ek Dui Teen

Ladli Begum (লাডলী বেগম) is based on the history of the Mughal era. At that time, the writer was introduced to a very young woman.

The Nurjahan story of poet Dwijendralal came in the context of the protagonist’s daughter. The author of the book, Narayan Sanyal, takes the name of an English historian. To find the history of Lovely Begum, one had to get the usual velocity. A large number of documents have been tried to identify her identity. But sadly he has no autobiography. In order to decorate the novels and parts of history, the author wrote all the heroine’s views.

To know who is this Lovely Begum?

Ladli Begum is actually an authentic Bengali girl. A temporary soldier in Manakar village in Burdwan district first met his position at the camp. The author brought him here in his book. Shahinisha, the father of Ladli Begum, was a jagirdar of Burdwan under Akbar king.
The history of the rest of the story is already recorded. You must love to read this unknown historical book and express your valuable opinion by reading it.
The PDF file of the Ladli Begum story book is given below.

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Ladli Begum

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