Rabindranather GeetSahitya by Sugata Sen ebook pdf

Rabindranather GeetSahitya by Sugata Sen.

Writer Dr. Shrimati Sugata Sen has written a great poem book called Rabindranather GeetSahitya. (রবীন্দ্রনাথের গীতসাহিত্য কাব্যগ্রন্থটি রচনা করেছেন লেখিকা শ্রীমতি সুগতা সেন)

The main purpose of all the books that have been published on Rabindra music till date is to identify its musical nature or to analyze it. This book marks the first attempt to introduce the full nature of the words of Rabindra Sangeet, so this book has a special value and importance. Is it true that Rabindranath described his song as his Sesh Paranir Kari’? His Surer Rushik Neye is not a composer!
In Bangladesh or India, there was no shortage of music, but in Rabindranath, there is a comparison between the words that are mixed with the melody and the sound. In fact, it was in this melodious and melodious melody of his song that he wanted to forget his Kheyar Naye. The fiery ‘tune of fire’ that he lit was spread everywhere today. Today, the words of this tune have become united with the hopes and aspirations of the happiness and sorrow of Bengali life. The tune that can make a nation such a melodrama, can it ever be dirty or extinct in the tune of time?
That is why this time-honored melodic metaphor tells his song his Sesh Paranir Kari. The first commentator on this melody is Sugata Sen. We hope that soon we will come even further to compose Rabindranath’s words, and with all of them you will join hands to fulfill this great national duty and fulfill your adorable. Author Prabodh Chandra Sen has given a lot of appreciation to author Sugata Sen for writing this book, and there is no doubt that Sugata Sen’s undoubtedly great initiative, which will greatly help the next generation in the field of literature.

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The word ‘lyric’ became the essence of poetry in the rich and rhythmic rhetoric of lyric associated with music in Western literature. Although there is evidence that rhythmic poetry first appeared in European literature, it was gradually transformed into song, but troubadour expressed interdependent forms of music and poetry throughout the Western civilization, in France, Italy, and Spain, respectively – sharing the melody and the punctuation. Hall. Even today we see pedestrians in America, Mexico, and elsewhere singing along to the guitar, but it is relevant to think of the events of its former tradition. Some or all of our Owl-Bowl celebrities like the poet-fight team appear in the newly formed tune and present-day society. This mixture of mystery tune and sentence has been going on since ancient times in human history. Its apparent prominence in medieval Europe. In Central Asia, Bedouin’s team spread the influence of songwriting, even the use of various civilizations, into the middle countries of Europe.
Rabindranath Tagore, the psalmist, is one of the best representatives of the modern era in the lyrical literature of that time. In that sense, Edward Dimock, a renowned professor of the Bengali Department of University of Chicago, told Rabindranath that the Greatest Bowl.
Reading Mrs. Sugata Sen’s booklet reveals how many different philosophical and emotional experiences have been acquired by Rabindra GeetSahitya. Many concepts of historical, scientific and scientific work have been made in Rabindra Geetsahitya. It seems that such an event has not happened before in the world literature. The man who, together with the new vision of the meditative science of meditation, combined the insight and cosmic perception of the Rigveda Upanishads.
The example of Yogasandhi Yugasandhi can not be found in anyone who wants to establish many religions of India in humanity.

In this book, the author presents the entirety of lyricism and the singular determination of many songs as the planet. 2075 songs and 3575 poems of Rabindranath compose the subject of Pouranik Yug or Ira. Some songs and poems are still out of the counting. Another aspect of this magnum opus is the invention and experimentation of Rabindranath’s personal style with the melodious path of Ragaragini and the specialty of folk music.
Unexpected and multi-instrumentalist, the author was not able to include the discussion in his lyrics. But Pranjal expressed the talent of Rabindra-Geet Sahitya with logic, information, examples, in the interest of intensive research. Such a comprehensive yet comprehensive analysis has not previously appeared. The influence of Vedic, Vaishnava, foreign and folk Bengali songs and poems on Rabindra Pratibha has been described and deduced in this fundamental study.

According to Rabindranath’s Bhanusingher Patraabali lyric poets and analysts, most notable in Bengali literature. There are also the play of Mayer, Malini drama, the way of liberation and liberation drama, the play of Mayer. In this book, Rabindranath’s drama talents are analyzed in detail on various topics. Rabindranath’s elaborate lyrical melodic melody, Rag Ragini, etc., has some considerable discussion on the history of the origin and evolution of these lyrics and even their theory, etc. Bengali song talk, essay, music is not the main music and since the prominence of the words in his character, literary value cannot be ignored. And there is no way he can accept the literary value of Rabindranath’s poetry by the poet’s greatest.

Writer Smt. Sugata Sen’s book Rabindranather GeetSahitya (Rabindranath’s Lyric Literature), which used to discuss, analyze and explain the literary value of poet’s lyrics. Readers can read and collect the ebook as pdf at your wish.

Rabindranather GeetSahitya PDF

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