Hridayboti Romantic Novel by Samaresh Majumdar PDF

Samaresh Majumdar Hridaybati Romantic novel PDF.

Book – Hridayboti,
Author – Samaresh Majumdar,


Samaresh Majumdar Hridayboti Romantic Novel PDF.

Samaresh Majumdar, a renowned and popular novelist of Bengali literature. The romantic novel Hridayboti has written by Samaresh Majumdar. One of the personalities of the literary world of Bengali author, Samaresh Majumdar born on March 10, 1944 (in the Bengali calendar 26th Falgun, 1348). He has written a lot of stories and novels. Among his notable novels are Satkahan, Tero Paraban, Ujan Ganga, Victoriar Bagan, Aath Kuturi Noi Darja, Swapaner Bazar, Anurag, Kalpurush etc.

His first novel Dour was published in 1976. He did not stop at just writing stories and novels. He also wrote short stories, travel stories, detective stories and teenager novels.
Writer Samaresh Majumdar has won numerous international awards through his unparalleled skills and outstanding writing. He won the Ananda Award in 1982 and the Sahitya Academy Award in 1984 and the Bankim Award.
Needless to say, He has won the readership as one of the best writers of all time in Bangladesh and Kolkata.
His famous romantic novel gained special fame in Bengal. He was born in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal.

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A heartwarming romantic novel created a stir in Bengal at that time. He beautifully sums up some of the real life events that are happening and happening in front of our eyes. Reading this novel, written in the light of current society, will surely add heart and soul. Author has presented a beautiful presentation from the beginning to the end in every field of the novel. He describes the events of life, happiness, sorrow, joy, etc. in the real world and has turned into a complete romantic novel.

In this Hridayboti novel by author Samaresh Majumdar, Subarna and her husband Tuhin analyze the various incidents. A third party has tried to catch the heart of the two of them with unrequited love. Subarna would occasionally fall into that trap, become frustrated and anxious, and would look at her husband with suspicion and sometimes try to overcome it also.
Tuhin has to stay out of his house most of his time to work. At that occasion, a woman tried to enter into a skeptical attitude against her wife by making nasty remarks over telephone and making various nasty words against him.

We can see again in this romantic story, come a new face named Chhuti, she is suffering from alone, her boyfriend has married another girl, now she is in pain. She could not accept the betrayal of her lover, so she informed her lover’s wife by telephone about their past. And sitting at home she would one day say to herself, Are the girls stupid? Male lover knowing how much life will cry for them, if you know and eat poison, then who will blame?  say that, and started to melt away to both eyes of her.

You will definitely love to read this novel, which is so bizarre. The PDF file of this booklet is given below this page. If you think you can read and collect it from this page below.

Hridayboti PDF file.

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