Goyenda Indranath Rudra Samagra Famous Adventure Story Book by Adrish Bardhan


Goyenda Indranath Rudra Samagra adventure book by Adrish Bardhan

Book pages- 232,
Book Format-pdf.

Goyenda Indranath Rudra Samagra by Adrish Bardhan pdf ebook

Goyenda Indranath Rudra Samagra written by Adrish Bardhan.

The person whose life has been snatched away from the thorns in the thorns, the person is going to pen-drive, then he will try to book the storm of unbearable suspension. So, there is a suspicious suspension on this page. Fear like the mystery, romance, tragedy and frying. The heart is weak, this book is not for them.
The author, Adrish Bardhan wrote some books about this adventure and mysteries which was climbed to the peak of fame and fame at home and abroad. So this book is full of famous adventure stories.

Adrish Bardhan was born on December 1, 1932 in a teacher-family in Calcutta. Turning to adventure, changed his career in the career, and finally came to the world of writing. India’s first Bengali Science Magazine the Ashcharja was published as monthly magazine which was edited by Adrish Bardhan under the pseudonym is Akash Sen, Also he edited by Fantastik, and Kishore Maan (Teenage Mind). The author’s introduction has to the Encyclopedia of Science-Fiction which was published from Sweden. He has received Moumachhi Swriti Puraskar (honeybeed memoir award), Dakshinibarta Puraskar  (award of Southwarka) (1395, 1396, 1415 in Bengali calender), “Rotary Club Honor” and Sudindranath Raha award for translation.

His most notable books are Adim Atongko, 5 Rahasya upnyas, Ashojhyo Suspense -01, Ashojhyo Suspense -02, Bishwer Shreshtha Rahasya Golpo, Hangorer kanna,  Professor Nut-Boltu Chakra Sangraha 1, Professor Nut-Boltu Chakra Sangraha 2 etc..

Contain of this book below.

Goyenda Indranath Rudra Samagra by Adrish Bardhan p-1

You can get his books from this page as pdf ebook here.


Goyenda Indranath Rudra Samagra pdf ebook
Book Size- 18MB.

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