Chirakaler Sera Abanindranath by Chandana Dutta PDF

Chirakaler Sera Abanindranath by Chandana Dutta Bengali PDF.

Book – Chirakaler Sera Abanindranath Tagore,
An introduction by – Shankha Ghosh,
Edited by – Chandana Dutta,
Genre – Edited Books,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 17 MB,
Book Pages – 760,

Chirakaler Sera Abanindranath Tagore edited by Chandana Dutta

Chandana Dutta edited the anthology Chirakaler Sera Abanindranath pdf.

Chandana Dutta edited the anthology Chirakaler Sera Abanindranath (The Best of Ever Abanindranath). Apart from introducing new trends in Indian painting, Abanindranath also penned for children. In ‘Buro Anglay’ he rhymed his own name – ‘Whose home’? – ‘Tagore Bari’. ‘No Tagore’? ‘Obinthakur’ – writes the picture. He has written rhymes, fables, and dramas for children, as if he had dipped his cotton in the colors of imagination. Not writing – like a picture.

About the Bengali Literature of Children – Abanindranath Tagore:-

Looking for the world of children and I think that the world of children has grown old with me! I see the grandmother sitting and dazzling in the evening, the group of children does not come to listen to the story; Sitting in the corner of the room reading a book on childhood science, he does not come close to listen to his grandfather’s Ramayana story. At that time, we were all children, the storyteller was to tell stories! Now nobody listens, wants to read.

To hear the story with the ears, to see the pictures with the eyes, I knew this. Now I see that rice has turned upside down. The boys are reading the story, not looking at the photo-identity in the newspaper, the children are reading the chi-identification! This new law of the new era hastily created children’s literature, whether there is a child or not, who should try to take a pile of foreign children’s forgotten coloring books, do it, it’s enough to finish the work, it’s the same with the art, trying to grow suddenly, the art of the new age is like a quick cabbage, There is no motivation or time to build a house of paper cards, even if it is a children’s review and a book.

Who is Abanindranath Tagore?

It has become easy to think that there will be art and children’s literature in the rush. At least this way, who knows how easily we can create children’s literature and masterpieces without any effort.

It is difficult to write stories of children sitting in the office if you do not keep the relationship with the children from the beginning. The language of story is distinct The language of reading is distinct. The child has to tell the story in the guise of the story. The fact that Hanuman of Ramayana is loved by children even today, and Bhima who is not afraid at all, is behind the wonderful character development ability of the two children’s literary emperors of that time. They did not write the Mahabharata Ramayana, the poets of the time when we were still children, children, old people, they easily expressed the feelings through words, images, and language.

Why Abanindranath Tagore is famous in bengali literature?

And nowadays, to understand the meaning of the story, to understand the language, with the hand on the cheek, the eyes on the pages of the book, and scratching the head by lighting the lamp in the middle of the night. Two pages are turning and yawning. Somewhere, their mind stops and rides like a boat on the sands of the dull language, and the boys grow up to be stupid and go beyond childhood to suddenly become more young people, not more old people. When he heard the words, he was shocked and said – that has become old, it will not work now. Write a scientific book of moon and sun for children.

If children become serious from childhood through serious writing, when they grow up, they will not even want to look back to their childhood after taking a deep breath – their focus will be on becoming the emperor of children’s literature, not on literature of children.

It is easy to get the title of children’s literature, childhood president, children’s artist, but no book says that the job is done. In Europe, thousands of people are creating children literature, writing poetry, writing pictures, they do not put names or names behind anyone. In the rush of the new age, I don’t think from where this new law was pushed on our neck. I have become old, so I think that I spend my days in revolving chair. What is not, not to be, why see his dreams? Gotta go home, it’s night, stay well children of the New Age.

Reverend poet Shankha Ghosh has assisted in editing this collection of selected works of Abanindranath, a unique genre writer in Bengali children literature. Moreover, since the first day of the compilation of this compilation, respected Milada Gangopadhyay and Devashis Mukhopadhyay have helped the compilers in various ways. My gratitude to all of them Respected writer Chandana Dutta.

We believe that the writings of Abanindranath Tagore are not only for children but also for adults. This collection of  Chirakaler Sera Abanindranath (The Best Ever Abanindranath) is dedicated to those eternal readers. Our work is worthwhile if readers, students and bibliophiles like it.

Chirakaler Sera Abanindranath (Best Ever Abanindranath) PDF File.

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