Titas Ekti Nadir Nam by Adwaita Mallabarman PDF

Titas Ekti Nadir Nam by Adwaita Mallabarman PDF.

Book – Titas Ekti Nadir Nam,
Author – Advaita Mallabarman,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Sze – 9MB,

Titas Ekti Nadir Nam by Adwaita Mallabarman

Titas Ekti Nadir Nam (Titas is the name of a river) by Adwaita Mallabarman.

The bengali novel Titas Ekti Nadir Nam (Titas is the name of a river) is written by writer Adwaita Mallabarman. The image of simply accepting the life of modern Bengali literature is rarely seen. Due to the lack of identity, the author is falsely romantic in many places and his vision is crooked due to the deception of truth in many places. Adwaita Mallabarman’s writings are free from this false romanticism or pretense of truth. His people, nature, joys, sorrows all bear the mark of simple life humor and gentle feeling.

This book contains Titas a River Name, Naya Basat – Birth Death Marriage, Ramadhanu -Ranganao, Duranta Prajapati -Vasman as Pravasa Khanda.

Who is Adwaita Mallabarman?

Writer Adwaita Mallabarman was born in Brahmanbaria village in Bangladesh. Since his school life he has passed every examination with scholarship. From a young age, he was associated with literature by writing stories, essays and poems in various magazines and won many awards. Later, finishing school life. He was admitted to Comilla College, but due to family economic difficulties. He could not go further in his studies.

Due to the financial crisis of the family, he had to join Navshakti and moved to Calcutta. Adwaita’s establishment in the journalistic community of Bangladesh was the beginning of his journalistic career as a colleague of Premendra Mitra in the era of new energy.

Later, he started working as co-editor of Navashakti, the salary of a Bangladeshi journalist was not high. So he joined Visva-Bharati and spent a lot of money.

He was associated with literature most of his life. This book of his was published after his death. He gave the manuscript of this book to his friends before he was admitted to Kanchrapara Tuberculosis Hospital. His friends published this book later.

After his death, his huge collection was donated by his friends to the Rammohun Library. Such a thoughtful and thoughtful collection of literature, philosophy and fine arts is not often seen.

He had to spend the whole day working and earning money. At night, it would merge with the colorful sky leaning on Titus’s chest to write the story of Titus.

This novel book Titas Ekti Nadir Nam was published after the death of author Adwaita Mallabarman. His friends help in publishing this novel book. He did not live long, maybe his story of Titus will live long to the readers. So this novel book link as pdf file given in this page for all readers. You may collect the novel as pdf file from this page and read it online.

Titas Ekti Nadir Nam PDF.

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