Buddha Katha Novel by Amulya Chandra Sen ebook PDF

Novel Buddha Katha by the famous author Sri Amulya Chandra Sen.

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Buddha Katha by Amulya Chandra Sen

Buddha Katha Famous Bengali Novel ebook PDF.

Modern intellectuals have called Buddha the best man of Asia. Thinking historians have given Buddha the highest seats in the world’s religious teachers. When reviewing the religion-history of all the countries of the world, it is a realization that Buddha’s place in character and wisdom, self-sacrifice and self-centered spirit was on many missionaries.

With the introduction of Kashi-Koushal Azamgad and small states, the religion of Buddha, with the help of its intrinsic glory and royal power, inspired the wonderful inspiration of India’s action and thought. With the inspiration of the inspiring emperor and monk, the message of Buddha crossed the coast of the Indian Sea and spread far and wide in the north-west, south-east far away. The civilized half-naked new nation, according to its own wisdom, was transformed into the new mantra, the son of Shakyamuni Named after him.

Historical history of ancient India dual In the memory of the victory of the religion, China-Japan and Sham Soumya-Jab-bali-Buddha in the Sinhalese Tibet, the Magadha Kashi-Koshal is being worshiped today as the ultimate pilgrimage.

India has forgotten the great prince of our own country, the Buddha. The Indian scholar, the western scholars have expressed regret that due to the lack of historical sense, we have made a humiliation to the memory of our Swadeshi and great artists by taking shelter in the real world. We gave the great philosophical scholars like Acharya Shankar to the star of Valkyabaji exhibitionist star, like the great poet Kalidasa, the rosary was reduced to a tiny cloak, and I completely forgot the Buddha of our country, the best child of our country.

Tibet, China, Korea, Japan, Indochina, when he returned to the native land of the orthodoxy and recited his life, then the country where he was born was completely forgotten. Mahayana Buddhist scriptures were preserved in the vicinity of Nepal Valley. By ignoring the attacks and defeats of foreigners, the Tripitaka scripture written by the Sinhala-Pipal Indian Sanskrit dialect of Pali-shastra had faithfully saved for 2000 years. The name of the Buddha who had rebuked the Brahmins after the resurrection of Brahmanism, and the name of the Buddha was abominable, nobody in India has ever tried to know or protect.

It has to be acknowledged that Western scholars have reverted to us the Buddha – by inventing and exchanging scriptures, inscriptions, etc. in many labor, care and money, it has restored the history of India’s extinct glory. Many research scholars have been written by many western scholars about Buddhist literature, Buddhist literature.

No ancient classical subject can be taken fully in modern terms. In all the religions of all the countries, there is no noble name in the form of post-Gods and Gods in the form of a great person, in the form of posterity and goddess, no aspect of their education is neglected, they become very different from any direction or disciple. Like other religious texts, various Buddhist books are also miraculously and supernatural, and Buddha has also been portrayed as superhuman. We will try as much as possible to understand latent real and human intellect behind the supernatural narratives.

If you understand something, it is necessary to understand the surroundings, the real nature of the new object is not realized properly. So, to understand the Buddha, it is necessary to remember some of his contemporaries.

More detailed descriptions of Gautama Buddha are detailed in this book. It must be acknowledged that this book is an invaluable resource. So it is possible to acquire many knowledge of Buddha after reading the famous Bengali Novel book Buddha Katha.

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Buddha Katha

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