Rabindranatye Rupantar O Aikya by Ashru kumar Sikdar

Rabindranatye Rupantar O Aikya by Ashru kumar Sikdar.

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The most valuable book Rabindranatye Rupantar O Aikya written by Ashru kumar Sikdar.

He was also written and edited an essay compilation Probandha Sankalan. Prof. Srikumar Bandyopadhyay assisted greatly in composing the book Rabindranatye Rupantar O Aikya.(রবীন্দ্রনাট্যে রূপান্তর ও ঐক্য)

In Rabindranatye Rupantar O Aikya, we see the events of the Rabindra Rachanabali (transformation drama). The ‘crown story’ of the person in the drama ‘Mukut’ was written under the shadow of a legend of Maharaja Manik narrating the history of Tripura.
The novel Rajarshi was based on the drama of Bisharjan and was based on the Maharaj Govindamanikaya narrative written by Rabindranath Tagore’s Rajmala Ratnakar of Tripura.
Rabindranath Tagore recognized the source. The first edition inserts the excluded portion of the Sanskrit Rajmala titled Maharaja Govindamanikya Charitram from the materials transmitted by Maharaj Birchandra in the Appendix to the Revenue.
The myth of the Mahabharata that Chitrangarer and mythology of Ramayana that Balmiki Pratibha and Kalmrigaya are the basic premise is not to say. Rabindranath collected stories of his plays from Buddhist stories in many respects. He collected from Mahabastu Abadan. From the Mahabastu Abadan he collected the stories of two plays. The story of the Malini drama and the Parishodh Geetinatya is the story of the ‘Parishodh Geetinatya and the Stories’, the basis of the dance and the Parishodh story.
From Kushjatak, Rabindranath collected the basic story of Raja and Shapmochon. The stories of Chandalika, Prose drama and Dance drama were collected from Shardulkarnabadan.
If all these ancient myths and legends were removed, if Rabindranath was influenced by the contemporary author’s compositions in the writing of a play, he would have planned the Balmiki Pratibha’s event by the first heaven in the dawn of Sardarmangal.

The basic premise of the story-

“হানিল সবরে বান
নাশিল ক্রৌঞ্চের প্রাণ,
রুধিরে আপ্লুত পাখা ধরণী লুটায়”
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In this way Rabindranath Tagore has been involved in adjusting the imagination of the Biharilal of Ramayana in such a way, so it is indebted to Rabindranath Tagore.
The gradual change that Rabindranath has undergone in several versions is not the main subject of our current discussion. As in the intervals of our present world, so many different lands exist, almost every play of Rabindranath has a history of various reforms at intervals of its present form.

The following is a picture of the transformation of author Ashru kumar Sikdar Rabindranath:-

  1. Transform from short stories to plays and novels.
  2. Transition from poetry to drama.
  3. From prose-drama to prose-drama and prose-drama to verse-drama.
  4. Transformation of the song.
  5. Dance drama motivating and transforming.
  6. Transformation during translation.

In this book, author Ashru Kumar Sikdar discusses the transformation of the poet Rabindranath Tagore into his book. In each case, he analyzed the hair. In this book, Rabindranath’s thesis gives precise information on how change or refinement has been repeated.

So we like this book very much and hope it will be read as a rare book to readers. This book will be an invaluable gem for both those who are studying for Rabindranath Tagore, as well as those who are studying in Bangla for higher education.

For that purpose, we have provided a PDF file of this book on this page of our website. You can purchase this book directly or collect and read it from this page. Below is a link to the PDF file of Rabindranatye Rupantar O Aikya book.

Rabindranatye Rupantar O Aikya PDF (Conversion to Rabindra Drama) pdf.

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