Ashapurna Debir Rachana Sambhar Vol- 2 by Ashapurna Devi PDF

Ashapurna Debir Rachana Sambhar Vol- 2.

Name – Ashapurna Debir Rachana Sambhar Vol- 2.
Book Pages – 451
Book Format – PDF

Ashapurnadebir Rachana Sambhar Vol-2


Ashapurna Debir Rachana Sambhar Volume 2.

The famous book Volume two ‘Rachana Sambhar’ has written by the Ashapurna Devi. The Bengali life of the twentieth century, especially the life of ordinary women and the image of humanity was the main theme of his writings. In his personal life, he was a mother or father in the house. Completely inexcusable about western literature and philosophy He wrote hundreds of short stories and more than 250 novels.

The story of Ashapurna Debi was written before 1363. It is not possible to know the composition of all the stories. The book that was included in the first of these texts, the publication of the book was mentioned at the end of the story. All the stories that Ashapurna Debi has written in this book, I will read every new story or know about it. So we have to read the stories.

A few short stories have been compiled in the second volume of Ashapurna Debir Rachanabali, some of which will be read by the readers before. Most of the stories are of great depression, painful to the great doldrums. In spite of our known family, the writer has gained tremendous expertise in trying to outline the feelings of deeper surprise and pain in him. Short stories are not just descriptions, it is a special art form or a dramatic moment, when the reader’s mind trembles, or when a non-emotional emotion stops suddenly, the reader thinks he is the only one. He did not think so. Through the shortest range of the story-line, the extent to which it is served, it can see much further. This is like a glance on the worldview. Many good elements can not apply even if the size of the short story does not fit in the zoka system. Ashapurna Devi written a short story written in the hopeful. As far as I remember, Bangla literature came first in my short story. Many of his episodes were published in the worship year of the era. I remember the old days when some of them were compiled. Some of the stories of this collection deepen our consciousness. Saraju, Jagadish, Mamata – every character has discovered their failure, meaninglessness, despair at the moment. A little damage is particularly noteworthy from the big story. Although a little larger, the painting image is very deep. The story of ‘The House of Tales’ reminds me of Izzens’ heroine in the painting of a devious woman. There have been many protests over definitions of short stories, many experiments have been conducted to contain this type of type.

Readers can collect her notable work Balaygras was published on 1952, Jog-Biyog, Chapatra, Uttarlipi and Samudra Neel Akash Neel on 1960 in Rachanabali Vol. -2. More her notable works are below.

The story has taken off from recent stories. The story of this era has tried to create new art, its lack of sensation and wave particle of the image stream. Imaging of a sudden dramatic character of the lyricist brought a remarkable and unmatched variety of short stories. However, the story of Ashapurna Devi is not a story-less storyteller. There are true stories, there is a chic outline of the story, there is a deep indication of the misery and pain of one or two characters. Of course, the story or the tail which is called the tail is not its characteristics. A fate of his story is gradually leaked. Finally, a drama reminds us of the outcome of the story, and does not wait for its special achievement.
In the novel, he has chosen a large court, sheltering a room in a short story. In the sky and the nest – at the two edges of his equal parikrama.
He is very popular in the audience. In this section of the reader community, they will have the opportunity to study the old stories and novels of their favorite writers. So the story of this story will not be filled in us, but many unknown stories have been published in this book of Ashapurna Devi. Below are the stories in this Storytelling book.

Ashapurna Devir Rachana Sambhar Volume – 2 ebook PDF from this page.

Rachana Sambhar Volume- 2

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