Subarnalata by Ashapurna Devi ebook pdf

The famous story book Subarnalata was written by Ashapurna Devi.

Subarnalata story by Ashapurna Devi ebook pdf.

Subarnalata written by Ashapurna Devi

Subarnalata by Ashapurna Devi

The famous story book ‘Subarnalata’ (সুবর্ণলতা) is written by Ashapurna Devi. The Bengali life of the twentieth century, especially the life of ordinary women and the image of humanity was the main theme of her writings. In her personal life she was a mother or a housewife. Completely inexcusable about western literature and philosophy. She wrote hundreds of short stories and more than 250 novels. Her first novel is Prem O Pryojan for adults published in 1944. She died on 13 July, 1995. Her notable work Balaygras was published on 1952, Jog-Biyog, Chapatra, Uttarlipi and Samudra Neel Akash Neel on 1960 in Rachanaboli Vol. -1. More her notable works are Shrishtichhara, Majarumama, Trairashik, Bhalobasar Mukh, Balaygras, 50 Priya Galpa etc..

Who is ‘Subarnalata’ in the story of Ashapurna Devi’s ‘Subarnalata’? Why did this story be named ‘Subarnalata’? To know about this Subarnalata, we have to read this story. In this story, ‘Subarnalata’ is an ordinary housewife, keeping pace with the time, she is also busy moving to create society. At the age of nine, only to go to the in-laws house. It is forbidden to look at any man. After the veil will always talk to the men in the house, this was the way of the girls in the society. After marriage, she often had to fall prey to condemnation of sarcophobia.

So she knew that she was taking her life away from the world with the burden of her miserable life. She knew nothing for her. Subarnalata, on her death, that 17-year-old girl of ‘golden age’ did not find the ground beneath the foot, but did not know “Subarnalata”. Did not know that the birthday of the girl on her death day.

She was honored with a number of literary awards, civilian honors, and honorary doctoral degrees of different universities, including the Gyanpith Award, although she did not receive formal education, she did not attend any college or university. But literary reading was the only one of his life.
Ashapurna has given birth to a birth centenary of Goddess- what is the reader in society, in the world of publication. This tide has inspired the writer’s efforts to learn new, the passion of evaluating her writings. Aspiration-literature should be, a richness which is being arranged in the light of other foresight. Ashapurna Devi had a completely different feeling about short story writing. Any weakness in mind While publishing her best-known story, she gave a few speeches about what is particularly relevant.

The famous story book ‘Subarnalata’ was written by Ashapurna Devi ebook pdf. All the great book lovers can download this book Subarnalata as pdf from this page.

Subarnalata as pdf
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