Tarasankarer Shrestha Galpa by Jagadish Bhattacharya PDF

Tarasankarer Shrestha Galpa by Jagadish Bhattacharya ebook pdf.

Book edited by Jagadish Bhattacharya,
Book format- PDF
Book quality- excellent
Book Pages-176

Writer Jagdish Bhattacharya edited the book of Tarasankarer Shrestha Galpa

The poet Tarasankar Bandyopadhyay was born on Saturday, July 23, 1898, in the village of Labhpur in Birbhum district of West Bengal.

He attended the class IA at St Xavier’s College, Calcutta. During his studies, he was interned in a village house due to political reasons and tried to attend South Suburban College again at the end of his captivity, but his studies were stopped as his body became ill. He joined the non-cooperation movement in 1921 and had to be imprisoned. Upon his return from prison, he joined the service in 1924, but that too passed. After that he joined his relative’s coal business and stayed in Kolkata and later in Kanpur.

Then began his literary life. The creation of his literature on poetry and drama. The first published book Tripatra (1926) was a compilation of several Geeti Poems. His first novel Dinar Dan, but it is still unpublished today.

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He has authored many stories, novels and plays. At that time, his novel Hansuli Banker Upakatha is particularly significant and he is proud to have won the Sharat Smriti Puraskar by writing this book. He received the Rabindra Puraskar for his novel Arogya Niketan. He received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1956 and won the Jnanpith Award for his novel Ganadebata. In his personal life he was short-spoken, but eloquent and an actor. Not only did he discover poverty and its richness in Bangla literature, but in his various novels, we can see the real depiction of Palli bangla in the story. He is well versed in his various novels, stories.

In the novel Jalsa Ghar, he portrays the village life of Bengal. Tarashankar’s literature is at the root of this immense public appearance, on the one hand, his overall life-feeling, on the other, his unwavering respect and recognition for the glory of human life.

Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s imagination was the art of life. On the basis of this artistic sense, justice and wrongdoing have become the standard of corruption. So the moral man has become the head of his imagination. Rabindranath Tagore’s life has been captured in a dream. He discovered funny people. Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s imagination is loving people.

Autumn artists have seen organic people, economic people, and social people as a combination of both. Various stories of Tarashankar showcased the depictions of the helpless and vulnerable society, the well-known analysis of human life and the social entity.

Jagadish Bhattacharya edited some of Tarashankar’s best stories in this book. They are Jalsaghar, Tariani, Majhi, Taser Ghar, (House of cards), Kalapahar, Agardani, Bedeni, Daini, Poush Lakshi, Khajanchi babu etc.
This book has been edited by his best story novel combining the above stories. Readers, you can read the special stories and novels of Tarasankar Banerjee in this valuable book.
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