Kishor Samagra Novel by Prafulla Roy ebook PDF

Kishor Samagra Novel by Prafulla Roy ebook PDF.

The beautiful thrilling novel Kishor Samagra written by author Prafulla Roy.

Writer Prafulla Roy has written mostly stories for children about tiger hunting but this ‘Kishor Samagra’ novel is completely different. There are no tigers or hunting incidents here. This Kishor Samagra novel is a complete story of food and drink. At the root of this story is Godu Chakkotti. Prior to composing this novel, he had written the novel Senapati Niruddesh.

Author Prafulla Roy has written this novel Kishor Samagra with a variety of beautiful stories for the purpose of giving pleasure to the teenagers.
This book contains many interesting stories like Godu Chakkotti and We, the story of a lazy thief, Ekti Choor O Dhananjay Pal, Amar Chatra Gabul, Ekti Choor O zamindar, Choor Jakhan Goyenda Holo (a thief when he is a detective), Eak Daroga O Eak Choor (a warden and a thief) etc. Adolescents must cut the scars.

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This Kishor Samagra novel has a variety of stories including Bhoot nei Bhoot Ache, Hirer Tukro (Diamond Piece), Ekti Thappar ebong East Bengal Club, Baboon O Dakater Daal, Choor O Sadhu (thieves and monks),Hater Kaaj (handicrafts), Rajater Bondhu Ananda etc. which children will love very much for reading.

The novel contains some beautiful miracle stories like Tinmurtir Kirti, Hirapur Dog Show, Didir Biye Aar Vanua, Pagal Mamar char chele, Sonar Taka etc. which will be very popular among teenagers.

The novel contains a number of detective stories such as Jora Goyenda, Chhera Khabarer Bakswa (Torn Food Box), Signals, Chhabi Akte Akte (drawing pictures), Jafar ke Dekhar Por (After seeing Jafar), Hill Roader Shei Barita (That house on Hill Road) etc. which will make the teenagers tremble.

So the PDF file is given on this page for the readers and teenagers to read the book. Adolescents can collect and read the book from this page. Below is the link to the PDF file of the book.

A few words about the author Prafulla Roy.

Bengali writer Shri Prafulla Roy is an Indian poet who was born in Atpara village of Bikrampur in Dhaka district of Bangladesh. Born September 11, 1934. He moved to India in 1950 after the end of British rule when India was divided into two parts.

Prafulla Roy is one of the most influential writers in the world of Bengali literature. He has written many stories, thrillers, detective stories, miracle stories, various stories for children and he has written many novels and short stories for adults.

He has written many stories analyzing the real experiences of human life, as well as many life-centric novels. The novels Keya Patar Nauka, Nonajal Mithe Mati, Uttal Samayer Itikatha created a stir among the readers in the world of Bengali literature.

He was an outstanding novelist. As a result, he got a lot of rewards in his life. He received the Bankim Award in 1985 for his novel The Birds of Sindhupar. She won the ‘Best Asian Film Award’ for his essay Ekanta Meyer Upakhyan.

He received the Sahitya Akademi Award for his outstanding writing of the novel Krantikal.

PDF file of the novel Kishor Samagra.

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