Prafulla Roy Most Special Bengali stories PDF Collection

Prafulla Roy Super Special All ebooks pdf Collection,

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Prafulla Roy Super Special All ebooks pdf Collection

Super Special all Bengali story books of Prafulla Roy ebook PDF.

Prafulla Roy is one of the prominent writer in Bengali language from India. He has been written so many books about the Indian society and culture, but he was born in Dhaka on 11 September, 1934. He permanently stay in India after independence since in 1950. He gets many award for his writing some golden Novels.

He has written more then 150 books including novels stories and also short stories. His first novel is Purba Parbati, set in Nagaland. Ram Charitra Swapner Sima, Abar Juddha and Many of Prafulla Roy’s fictions have been filmed, and a few of them bagged the national and international film awards, and the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award for his novel, Krantikal.

His most popular story books are Abar Batas Boi, Abar Judha, Aditir Upakhyan, Akraman, Akasher Niche Manush, Alochhayamoy, Amar Naam Bakul, Anmeshan, Andhakare Phuler Gandha, Apan Ghare, Atal Joler Dike, Charidike Judha, Choturdik, Daibodha, Durer Bandar, Ei Bhuboner Bhar, Hridayer Ghran, Jagat Sansar, Janmma Bhumi, Jiban Baro Begban, Jiyon Nadi, Karunadharay Eso, Keya Patar Nouko, Khamatar Utsa, Kinnari, Manab Jiban, Manusher Adhikar, Manusher Janya, Manusher Mahima, Mohar, Mohonar Dike, Mahajuddher Ghora Part 1, Nagmati, Nana Sutor Naksha, Nona Jol Mithe Mati, Pitribhumi, Purba Parbati, Ram Charitra, Sandhikhan, Swapner Sima, Uttal Samoyer Itikhatha.

All Story books of Prafulla Roy now download from this page given below the links.

Abar Batas Boi,
Size- 8MB,Page -112,

Abar Judha,
size – 15 MB, pages – 135,

Aditir Upakhyan,
Size -11MB, Page -173,

Size -10 MB, Book Pages -174,

Akasher Niche Manush,
Size – 23 MB, Book Pages – 301,

Size – 16 MB, Book Pages – 281,

Amar Naam Bakul,
Size – 10 MB, Book Pages – 178,
Size – 7 MB, Book Pages – 122,

Andhakare Phuler Gandha,
Size – 7 MB, Book Pages – 140,

Apan Ghare,
Size -11 MB, Book Pages -141,

Atal Joler Dike,
Size -12 MB, Book Pages -168,

Charidike Judha,
Size -11 MB, Book Pages -188,
Size – 23 MB, Book Pages – 316,
Size – 6 MB, Book Pages -121,
Durer Bandar
Size – 6 MB, Book Pages -173,
Ei Bhuboner Bhar,
Size -11 MB, Book Pages -168,
Hridayer Ghran,
Size -10 MB, Book Pages -188,
Jagat Sansar,
Size – 9 MB, Book Pages -158,

Janmma Bhumi,
Size – 9 MB, Book Pages -171,
Jiban Baro Begban,
Size – 7 MB, Book Pages -114,
Jiyon Nadi,

Karunadharay Eso,
Size – 9 MB, Book Pages -171,

Keya Patar Nouko,
Size – 9 MB, Book Pages -171,

Khamatar Utsa,
Size -11 MB, Book Pages -141,

Size – 9 MB, Book Pages -171,

Manab Jiban,
Book Size – 64 MB, Book Page – 751

Manusher Adhikar,
Size – 9 MB, Book Pages -171,

Manusher Janya,
Page- 126, Size – 06 MB

Manusher Mahima,
Page – 249, Size -19 MB.

Book Size – 8 MB, Book Pages -134

Mohonar Dike

Mahajuddher Ghora Part 1,

Mahajuddher Ghora Part 2

Book Size -14 MB, Book Pages – 257

Nana Sutor Naksha,
Book Size -14 MB, Book Pages – 257
Nona Jol Mithe Mati,
Book Size -12 MB, Book Pages – 227
Book Size -15 MB, Book Pages – 197,

Purba Parbati
Size – 11 MB, pages – 469,

Ram Charitra,
Size – 8 MB, pages – 139,

Size – 7 MB, Pages – 110,

Swapner Sima,
Size – 8 MB, Pages – 133,

Sera 50 ti Galpo,


Uttal Samoyer Itikhatha.
Size – 10 MB, Pages – 104,


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