Sukher Lagiya Story Book by Pranab Ray

Pranab Ray wrote the Sukher Lagiya story book PDF.

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Sukher Lagiya story book by Pranab Ray

Pranab Ray wrote the famous Bengali story book Sukher Lagiya.

Professor Dr. Pranab Roy was a progressive Bengali writer in Bengali literature. He was a famous archaeologist, historian, researcher and writer of Bengal. As a student he was always very talented. He passed first class in every college and university course and received gold medal and UGC scholarship. During his student life he showed his skill by acting in many Sanskrit plays. Collecting old documents, Rear and ancient Books and manuscripts was his indomitable passion. As a result, he discovered a number of ancient documents.

His valuable discovery is an ancient inscription that is more than 900 years old. He is the guide of the next generation of writers, literary men and researchers. He has enlightened the face of Bengali literature by revealing many details of Bengali literature and history through research.

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He has studied archeology and literature. He has done a lot of research on regional history, archeology, temple and mosque-architectural sculpture. He has been honored with many honors at home and abroad through his research. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society (FRAS), London, UK, and a Distinguished Fellow of the Asiatic Society, Calcutta.

The author was born on 2nd April 1936 at Basudebpur village in Ghatal of Medinipur district. His notable works Banglar Mandir Sthapatya O Bhaskarya (Bengal Temple Architecture and Sculpture) won the honor Sahitya Akademi of Bengal.

One of his works is Basar Lagna, Sukher Lagia, Banglar Mandir Sthapatya O Bhaskarya (Temple Architecture and Sculpture of Bengal), which is considered as a unique resource of Bengali literature.

The PDF file of his famous work Sukher Lagiya is given on this web page. Readers will be able to collect the Sukher Lagiya story book as PDF file of the author Pranab Roy from this page and read it online.

Sukher Lagiya Story Book PDF file.

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