Ekti Juger Janmakatha by Bibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay PDF

Bibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay wrote the Bengali Novel Ekti Juger Janmakatha.

Name of Book – Ekti Juger Janmakatha,
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Ekti Juger Janmakatha by Bibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay

Bibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay wrote the Ekti Juger Janmakatha Bengali Novel

Bibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay wrote this story book Ekti Juger Janmakatha ( birth of an era). The story book was published from Calcutta. Bibhutibhushan Mukhopadhyay was a most renowned poet, novelist and playwright and essayist.

He was born on 24th October, 1894 at Pandual of Mithila region Bihar in India. He died on 29 July 1987 when he was 92 years old. He was awarded Ananda Puraskar in 1958 and Rabindra Puraskar in 1972 and D.litt degree from the University of Burdwan and Desikottama from the Visva-Varati of Santiniketan.

The past, the present and the future are not entirely acceptable as it is, and it is not entirely completely abandoned. Those who are able to welcome the newcomers by adjusting this trilogy. For them, this is my small gift. At the same place, the hero Birresh says, ‘The way in which history goes’ — in the era – I was talking about it, I did not say the consequences of history. We can not see it now, because the end result is that the last chapter will still need at least a century to come well. Do not see it, but imagine that if you take a picture of it in the heart of your mind, it will not be wrong.

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I am talking about caste-based India. A bright image of Bipu!. After a long period of darkness, it is even more brighter..

Buddha could not, Chaitanyadeva did not, that is, religion has failed, but on that day, only in the course of time, it has only been in time. The house where the child is born, the day of birth – whether it is Brahmin or Chandal, the best creation of God will grow in the home of non-living people, Bipu. He will not have any other identity, he will not be identified with anything else.That time has not yet come, so people of this age have to bear so much.

In this book, a very predictable period of that eternal period was given. The short story work is to keep the momentum uncovered that touch the heart of the reader, a sympathy will awaken. After following the short story, The Author says, “I can write a short story of my love, I will not be happy, but if the success of the construction is the joy of creating little”

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Ekti Juger Janmakatha

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