Shiksha O ManoBigyan by Bijoy Kr Bhattacharjya PDF

Shiksha O ManoBigyan by Bijoy Kr Bhattacharjya PDF.

Book Name – Shiksha O ManoBigyan (Education and Psychology),
Contributor Author – Bijoy Kumar Bhattacharjya,
Genre – Historical Books,
Subject – Social Science and Education,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 460,
PDF Size – 29MB,

Shiksha O ManoBigyan by Bijoy Kumar Bhattacharjya

Bijoy Kr Bhattacharjya wrote the Educational Book Shiksha O ManoBigyan (Education and Psychology).

Our country’s education problem is very complex and huge. We cannot face this problem by being inspired by the views and ideals of foreigners. We have to solve all the problems by educating and researching our native education.

Foreign education has existed in this country for more than a century and a half since our country was handed over to foreigners. The nature, method and spread of education, prevalent and introduced during the period of the foreigners, were to a large extent full of two deviations. There was no system of universal mass and mass education. All kinds of advantages of individual social urban and state life of men and women are not fulfilled in it. A large part of our country remains ignorant and ignorant.

What is the main objects of education?

A comprehensive and well-rounded preparation for life, the power and ability to live with human intelligence, this education has no contribution. This education, devoid of national ideals and devoid of life-needs, was nothing but a great deprivation and a cruel mockery for us.

Author Bijoy Kumar Bhattacharjya has beautifully analyzed the ideals and objectives of education in this book. It is virtually impossible to judge and discuss the objectives, goals, ideals and definitions of education without being abstract and separate. Indirectly the definition of education is also intended to discuss the objectives, goals or ideals in detail. The purpose of education varies from country to country. The arrangements that people make for the education of children or children vary from country to country, and are both normal and unlikely.

What is the meaning of Ideal Education?

The storm of radical reforms and complete changes in India’s education system and education plan arose after independence. Education should be broadened rather than confined within the confines of formal education and cognitive education within the confines of school. Different types of education should be arranged according to the student’s strength, ability, intelligence, inclination, interest, age and need.

Only then ideal educated society and developed cultured society will be formed in the country. Only these ideal educated communities will come forward for the development of the country and society. Their role will be foremost in the development of the society and the development of the country. A family will become beautiful and well-educated when its family leader will become educated with proper and ideal education.

So the pdf file of the book Shiksha O ManoBigyan (Education and Psychology) is provided on this web page for the readers, the readers can collect the pdf file of the book from this website and read online.

Shiksha O ManoBigyan (Education and Psychology) book PDF file.

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