Prem Porinoy Ityadi Story by Bimal Mitra

Bimal Mitra has written the story book Prem Parinoy Ityadi ebook pdf.

Book Name – Prem Parinoy Ityadi,
Author Name – Bimal Mitra,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Category – Bengali ebook,
Book quality- Good.

Bimal Mitra has written the story book Prem Parinoy Ityadi.


Life is about birth-death, hope-despair, sin-virtue, love-marriage etc. But even by writing thousands of millions of novel stories, the mystery of this life cannot be revealed. Mystery is its attraction, again mystery is its turmoil. There will be this mystery, but people will also do austerities to unravel this mystery. Maybe this is the code of human beings.

In ancient times, people used to look at the sun and the moon, and look at this nature and ask, “Who are you?” There were people asking questions. But there was no one to answer. Thousands of people have sacrificed thousands of lives to solve this question, thousands of people have written books to solve this question. Their questions are filled with palm leaf books. No one got the answer, no one got it again. The answers are often fabricated. Some are self-evident. They have written about their own perceptions in their own sadha and sadhya. The same question and the same answer have been coming from the distant past to the present day. Different versions of the same answer. Someone’s statement is not a complete truth, and someone’s statement is not a complete lie. Someone said – I know him – again someone said I did not know him. Some say he is incomprehensible, he is invisible. Again someone said he is clear, he is direct, he is human. Swami Vivekananda said- God became man, again man will be God.

But this is the theory. The mind is not satisfied with the theory. Ordinary people want to see the aquatic truth. They say – listen to the story of human life. Talk and listen to people like us who have birth-death, hope-despair, sin-virtue, love-marriage etc. We match their life story with our life story. Let’s see if we are different from them. How different it is to be different. If I am one, then how many are one. Let’s see how much we have in common with them. We will be relieved of their sorrows, we will have hope to live in their happiness.
But giving hope is not a job like Bidhata-Purush. From the day creation began, from the day he began to suffer, God is merciful to man because he suffers. Man is created to share the pain of his love.

In this book, the author has beautifully told the story of love of human happiness and sorrow. In this book, he has beautifully described various places in India starting from Murshidabad.

Such an incident is very rare in this book, the author Bimal Mitra has beautifully blossomed. That is human love. In ancient India, at that time, an English doctor used to treat people for money, but the people of Bengal used to pay for that money. It doesn’t seem to please them and in return for that love they would bring the doctor eggplant from their garden, mango, pond fish, domestic chicken, some new molasses patali, their own hand woven towel, weaving dhoti, fine thin thaan etc. Mr. Doctor was surprised one day and said to everyone, I have been to different places in this country, Delhi, Lahore. But I have never seen such a dear person as the people of Bengal.

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PDF file of the book Prem Parinoy Ityadi.

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