Banglar Samasya by Charu Ch Ghosh PDF

Banglar Samasya by Charu Chandra Ghosh Bengali PDF.

Name of Book – Banglar Samasya,
Author – Charu Chandra Ghosh,
Genre – Bengali Novel Book,
Book Pages – 174,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 19 MB,

Banglar Samasya novel by Charu Ch Ghosh

Charu Chandra Ghosh wrote the novel Banglar Samasya

The Banglar Samasya (Bengal problem) can be said to be one of the toughest storms. The storm that arises by itself, sometimes disappears. Differences between Bengalis can be seen in relation to Bengali money earnings. One of the main causes of Bengali Hindu-Muslim conflict is service or job sharing. Bengalis are the most impoverished by their excessive work ethic. And due to this poverty, Bengali’s mind has also become small.

In the same way that people are deprived of the knowledge of opposites and interests. He does not hesitate to harm others and the country for a penny. But the number of such people is definitely less. Author Charu Chandra Ghosh has beautifully analyzed the various problems of Bengalis in the book.

What is the main cause of Bengali Hindu-Muslim conflict?

Now let’s come to business. The biggest problem of Bengalis is that very few of them or their ancestors are associated with big business. As a result, Bengalis are not very inclined to do business.

At present many Bengali educated youths are turning to business due to poor job conditions. But Bengalis do not have the education, experience and training required to do business. In that respect the business development of Bengalis is progressively less than others. As far as Gujaratis, Parsis, Marwaris, Surti and people of various provinces have prospered in business, Bengalis are insignificant in terms of business experience. Bengalis always lag behind in doing business with profit and loss calculation in mind. In this book, the author has beautifully presented the various experiences of business likes and dislikes of Bengalis.

What is art? How does industry develop in a country?

The problem of Bengalis is mainly economic problem. And this problem leads to other problems. Social problems arise among Bengalis due to economic problems. Out of this social problem, a social disease arises among Bengalis which is very difficult to eradicate. Such common diseases can be cured by prescription but it is difficult to prevent this social disease. Because there is no medicine to eradicate this disease, Bengalis will not get rid of this disease until Bengalis are able to prosper in trade and commerce.

The author has described the various problems of Bengalis perfectly in this book. Readers will surely enjoy this book. So for the readers the pdf file of the book ‘Bangalore Problem’ is given on the page, the readers can collect the pdf file of the book from this web page and can read it online.

Banglar Samasya (Problems of Bengal) PDF file.

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