Swapan Kumar 20 Ti Goyenda Upanyas PDF

A collection of 20 Detective Novels of Swapan Kumar.

Book – 20 Ti Goyenda Upanyas,
Author – Shree Swapan Kumar,
Category- Collection

20 Detective Novels of Swapan Kumar.

This book is written by author Swapan Kumar with every famous detective novel. Although Ray’s Feluda or Prabodh Chandra Mitra is the most popular detective among today’s teenagers, until recently they were obsessed with two other detectives, Kiriti Roy and Deepak Chatterjee. The creator of Kiriti Roy was Niharranjan Gupta and the creator of Pradeep Chatterjee was Shri Swapan Kumar. Kiriti Roy’s assistant Subrata and Deepak Chatterjee’s assistant Ratanlal were famous, just like these two detectives.

In fact, the Bengali detective story began in the hands of the writer Hemandra Kumar Roy. It is not that there was no such story before him, some books were published for some time under the name of Priyanath Mukherjee’s Darogar Daftar. Panchkari Dey got some fame for his books like Hatyakari Ke, Nilbasana Sundari etc.

Here is the main difference between Swapan Kumar and other famous writers. Mr. Swapan Kumar, who has never written such a long novel, his novels are almost all small – they start with a very creepy incident. End. Another interesting thing about the volume of Swapan kumar’s story is that one series at a time he ends in exactly the same volume, as the Vishwachakra series ends at exactly 64 pages, the Bajpakhi Series (hawk series) ends at 48 pages – no less, no more.

Written in measured volumes, but at one time these books by Sri Swapan Kumar were an object of attraction to teenagers, which is what those who were teenage readers at the time understood. They know that the primary reason for this may be that these books can be finished by reading too early, because the school boys have to read these books secretly, not even for a long time. But the real reason must be that he was waiting to catch the ball in his book, then when he finished the book with a sigh, he didn’t seem to care.

The first collection of twenty short novels has been published in this book to explain what was the attraction of Sri Swapan Kumar’s writing, what fascinated the little readers from the beginning to the end. The novels were previously published by this publisher and the series was named Vishwachakra Series (World Cycle Series), a total of 100 books were published in this series.

Below the title of each book was written for college students. As soon as the book was published, it was almost finished and the book was in the hands of small readers. There has been a lot of talk about Detective Kiriti Roy and Byomkesh Bakshi, but if we do not deny the truth, it must be said that the popularity of Detective Deepak Chatterjee of Sri Swapan kumar was no less than theirs.

The publisher has published this book with only twenty novels to acquaint the teenage readers of this era with the author Shri Swapan Kumar. Hopefully, like this time, he will be able to win the hearts of the readers. If this expectation is successful, many more stories of this powerful author of detective stories will be published in the future. With this in mind, we have given a link to the PDF file of the detective story on this page.

Readers will be able to collect and read the Goyenda Upanyas book for repeated reading.

Twenty detective stories of Swapan Kumar.

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