Bharatiya Banoushadhi Vol I, II by Kalipada Bishwas PDF

Bharatiya Banoushadhi Volume I, II and 4 Written by Dr. Kalipada Bishwas and Ek kori Ghosh.

Name of ebook – Bharatiya Banoushadhi volume 1 & II,
Book size – 25 MB,
No of Pages – 1004,
Published on 1950.

Bharatiya Banoushadhi vol-1 and II by Kalipada Bishwas

Bharatiya Banoushadhi Volume I & II pdf ebook.

Authors details,

Bharatiya Banoushadhi Volume I & II and 4 was written by Dr. Kalipada Bishwas and Shree Ek Kari Ghosh. He was written the Ayurveda Book on the main topics in Medical purpose. It is very helpful for all and who are waiting for Medical practice. He and Ek kori Ghosh both was an exclusive hard work and his plant study for help to published this book.

This 4th volume of Indian Herbal Medicine (Bharatiya Banoushadhi) is very popular and the most exclusive collection of rare Indian books.

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Dr. Kalipada Biswas and his collaborators have published many rare books on Indian herbal medicine. He has taken help from many books and with the indomitable desire and courage to publish this book, the author has discovered various Indian medicinal plants in different parts of India in order to collect rational invaluable resources and information. He has enlisted the help of many people to publish this book.

So the author has published this invaluable book with a lot of effort for a long time. Author Kalipada Babu About 70% of foreign medicinal plants such as quinine digitalis, epicacuanas, belladonna lobelia, huasiamas etc. can be easily made and from these plants medicines can be prepared in factories. He has analyzed these beautifully in his book. This book will definitely be useful for the welfare of the common man and the whole human race.

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Bharatiya Banoushadhi Volume I & II and IV in pdf ebook.

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