Pujabarshiki Anandamela Galpasankalan PDF

Pujabarshiki Anandamela Galpasankalan 2023 PDF.

Book – Pujabarshiki Anandamela Galpasankalan (Story Collection)
Book Edited by – Paulumi Sengupta,
Published on Year – 2023,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF file size – 39 MB,
Book Pages – 496,
Genre – Story Collection,

Pujabarshiki Anandamela Galpasankalan-01- 2023

Pujabarshiki Anandamela Galpasankalan edited by Paulumi Sengupta.

Anandamela is a very close and very happy Bengali magazine for children. The book ‘Anandamela Pujabarshiki Galpasankalan’ is published every year during Puja. Children and teenagers look forward to this delightful story book when it is released and they will get it. They are so eager to know when they will enter this dream state of Anandamela.

Anandamela Pujabarshiki Galpasankalan – Short Collection of stories.

This collection of stories has been published to give children and teenagers access to that dream state. Anandamela Pujabarshiki was first published in 1971 (Bengali 1378). Starting from 1971 to 2000, this collection of stories is published with mind-blowing stories written by famous writers on the occasion of 30 years of worship.

A total of 50 stories have been included in this Pujabarshiki Galpasankalan book. ‘Kumir’ by Narendra Mitra first published in 1971 and ‘Indranath Samanter Bari’ by Sukanta Chatterjee was finally published in 2000.

Between 1971 and 2000, many mind-blowing stories of famous writers have been published this year. Among them, famous writers like Premendra Mitra, Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, Shibram Chakraborty, Satyajit Roy, Ashapurna Devi, Leela Majumdar, Sunil Gangopadhyay, Suchitra Bhattacharya have written this collection of stories. Apart from them, this Pujabarshiki Anandamela story collection has been published by the pen of many more renowned writers. There is no doubt that it will be very popular with children and teenagers.

When was first published the Anandamela Pujabarshiki?

At present, there is concern about the spread and scope of Bengali language and literature in many quarters, but the readers of Ananda Mela continue to carry the tradition of Bengali language. This step is to better introduce the children to the wonderful tradition of Bengali children’s and juvenile literature and inculcate the love of Bengal in their hearts.

This collection of stories has been published this year by selecting the stories of how many years?

Original embellishments have also been used to preserve the appearance of the first published stories. The most important thing in this issue is that this collection of stories has been published by selecting from all the Anandamela Pujabarshiki issues of the past 30 years.

So we hope that Bengali children and teenagers will get more pleasure from reading this Pujabarshiki Anandamela Galpa sankalan and become more fond of Bengali literature.

So, thinking about children and teenagers, the PDF file of Pujabarshiki Anandamela story collection is given on this web page, children can collect the PDF file of the Pujabarshiki Anandamela Galpa sankalan book from this web page and can read it online.

Pujabarshiki Anandamela Galpasankalan 2023 PDF.

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