Comics Samagra Vol-1 by Narayan Debnath

Bengali Comics Samagra Volume 1 written by Narayan Debnath.

Published by- Narayan Debnath, WB, India.
Edited by Debasis Deb & Santanu Ghosh,
Published from- Kolkata, West Bengal, India,
Name of Writer – Narayan Debnath
First Published on-Kolkata Book Fair, 2011,
Printing by –  New rainbow lamination, Kolkata – 6,
Number of Pages- 510,
Book size- 15 MB,

Narayan Debnath Comics Samagra Volume1

Comics Samagra Volume 1 (One) by Narayan Debnath ebook pdf.

Book Review

Comics Samagra Volume 1 (one) is written by Narayan Debnath. Comics Samagra has created with Three (3) Volumes. Narayan Debnath is only one man written popular Bengali comics book in India. He is a famous Bengali Comics books & Article writers. He gets President’s Special Recognition Award (2007), Sahitya Akademy (2013), Banga Bibhushan (2013), D. Litt. by Rabindra Bharati University (2015) through in his book.

His most popular creator books Handa Bhonda (Hada Bhoda, Handa-Bhonda Hada-Bhoda) was written on 1962,  Batul The Great, as Bantul The Great was written on 1965 and Nonte Phonte (Nonte-Fonte) was written on 1969,His most popular books are Black Diamond Indrajit Roy, Patolchand The Magician, Koushik Roy, Bahadur Beral, Daanpite Khandu Aar Tar Chemical Dadu, Petuk Master Batuklal, Sutki-Mutki,

Readers can read and collect this book Comics Samagra Volume 1 (One) in PDF from this page.

Comics Samagra Volume 1 by Narayan Debnath.

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