Ramcharit Manas (Sundar Kand) by Ramkrishna Shukla Hindi PDF

Ramcharit Manas (Sundar Kand) by Ramkrishna Shukla Hindi PDF

Book Name – Ramcharit Manas (Sundar Kand) रामचरित मानस (सुन्दर काण्ड),
Edited by – Ramkrishna Shukla (रामकृष्ण शुक्ल),
PDF Size – 5 MB, Pages – 154,
Book Language – Hindi,
Genre – Religious Book,
Book Format -PDF,

Ramcharit Manas (Sundar Kand) Ramkrishna Shukla

Ramkrishna Shukla edited the religious book Ramcharit Manas (Sundar Kand)

The Religious text Ramcharit Manas (Sundara Kand) is analyzed about Hanumanji. Apart from the hero Ramachandra in Sundar kanda, the author has beautifully shed light on Ramachandra’s special devotee Hanumanji. In Sundar kanda, Hanumanji is the hero, Sita was kidnapped by Ravana and Hanuman went first to rescue Sita. He overcame all obstacles and appeared to Mother Sita.

Who wrote the original Ramayana?

The story of Hanumanji’s valor is described in the Sundar Kanda chapter of Ramcharit Manas. His bravery and strength are depicted in selflessness and devotion to Ramachandra. Hanuman was called ‘Sunder’ by his mother, so this chapter is titled ‘Sunder Kand’ after Hanumanji. It is the fifth chapter of Ramayana written by Valmiki.

Sri Ramachandra is the main hero of the original Ramayana, yet Hanumanji is the main hero in the ‘Sundar Kand’ chapter of Ramcharit. This Sundar Kanda chapter details the story of Ravana and the abduction of Sita. There is also a description of Jambavan, the king of the bears. Jambuvan is seen praising Hanuman at the beginning of this fifth chapter. Hanuman set out in search of Mother Sita after hearing his praises from Jambuban.

Why famous Hanuman in Ramayana?

Hanuman had to undergo various tests on the instructions of this chapter. He had to take a test of strength. Moreover, his knowledge, wisdom, conscience, intellect etc. had to be tested before the gods. In order to find mother Sita, he has to face many obstacles on the road. But seeing his huge size, many were afraid. Even though it is small in size, it enters someone’s mouth and comes out through the nose. Thus he deftly overcame all obstacles and showed his intelligence and bravery.

When Hanuman entered the palace of Lanka, he met Vibhishana and it was he who revealed the secret location of Mata Sita. Because he could never accept Sita being kidnapped and brought to Lanka and he repeatedly requested Ravana to release Sita. But he did not agree. He could never accept this adharma of Ravana. That is why he went to Rama despite being Ravana’s brother and helped him to rescue Sita.

Who is Mata Sita?

After overcoming all obstacles, Hanuman reached Sita Devi and finally he was captured by Ravana’s son Meghnad and was captured and taken to Ravana’s court. Ravana tells his court to set his tail on fire. Similarly, a lot of cloth and ghee oil were used to burn Hanumanji’s tail. At that time he assumed a large size. After setting the tail on fire, he again assumed a smaller form and set fire to various parts of the Lankan palace. As a result, various places of Ravan’s palace in Lanka were destroyed by fire.

In one word, the fifth chapter of the book ‘Ramcharit Manas (Sundar Kand)’ is realy beautiful. Everyone will enjoy reading this chapter and will be informed about Hanuman’s character of honesty and devotion, intelligence and bravery. So the pdf file of this book is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers and others can collect the PDF file of ‘Ramcharit Manas’ religious book from this web page and read it online.

Ramcharit Manas (Sundar Kand) pdf file

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