Chhele Bhulano Chhara by Nityananda Goswami PDF

Chhele Bhulano Chhara by Nityananda Goswami Bengali PDF.

Name of Child Book – Chhele Bhulano Chhara,
Compiled by – Nityananda Goswami,
Genre – Child Books (Compiled Books),
Language – Bengali,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 1 MB,
Book Pages – 64,

Chhele Bhulano Chhara by Nityananda Goswami

Nityananda Goswami Compiled the child rhymes book Chhele Bhulano Chhara.

Chhele Bhulano Chhara is a children’s book compiled by Nityananda Goswami. This book is published from Visva Bharati together with many lost rare books. The actual author of the rhymes is unknown. Most of the rhymes are so delightful that they will move children’s minds. Will cheer up.

When were the rhymes book Chhele Bhulano Chhara written?

The exact period when the rhymes of this book Chhele Bhulano Chhara were composed is not known. The exact information of who or who wrote it is still unknown to everyone. But needless to say, these rhymes have been entertaining the minds of children for generations. So even today this book is equally appealing to children.

Who composed the rhymes book Chhele Bhulano Chhara?

Many of the rhymes criticized in the essays of the world-renowned poet Rabindranath Tagore, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, have been collected in this book Chele Bhulano Chhara. Renowned writer Nandalal Basu contributed to the cover and compilation of this book. We agree that children will love this book.

Which Indian poet won the Nobel Prize in Literature?

So the pdf file of the book Chhele Bhulano Chhara for children is given on this web page. Readers and children can collect the PDF file of this book from this web page and read it online.

Chhele Bhulano Chhara PDF file of book

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