Jagari Novel by Satinath Bhaduri PDF

Jagari Novel by Satinath Bhaduri Bengali PDF.

Name of Book – Jagari,
Genre – Bengali Novel,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 254,
PDF size – 9 MB,

Jagari Novel by Satinath Bhaduri

The Famous bengali novel Jagari is written by writer Satinath Bhaduri. Satinath Bhaduri is a famous novelist in bengali literature. In the current political context, With political awakening, conflict of different political ideologies is unlikely. This wave of agitation has also hit the foundations of family life in some cases. Author Satinath Bhaduri has beautifully presented the story of a family in this novel.

Where Satinath Bhaduri was born?

The author presents this famous novel to the readers in the background of Quit India Movement of 1942. But it is not his intention to campaign against any political party. In short, he did not write this book with a hostile attitude towards any political party. In the book, the author has written on four topics. Those four subjects are Fansi Cell – Bilu, Upper Division Ward – Baba, Aurat Kita – Maa, Jail Gate – Nilu etc.

In this novel, he has brought up some local events in various areas and he has used Hindi language or words in some areas to make the book beautifully illustrated in the text. The Quit India movement of 1942 and the complex situation of the Indian regime and the mistreatment of the Indian people by the British Raj have been beautifully analyzed by the author for the readers.

Who wrote Jagari Novel?

So this beautiful bengali novel will be accepted as a special book by the readers. Already, millions of copies of Jagri Granth have been sold as soon as it was published. So to fulfill the needs of the readers, the PDF file of the book is provided on this web page. Readers can collect Jagari novel book pdf file completely free from this web page and read online.

Jagari Novel PDF File.

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