Ei Shahare by Debesh Roy (Bedouin) PDF

Ei Shahare Novel by Debesh Roy (Bedouin) Bengali PDF.

Name of Book – Ei Shahare (এই শহরে),
Author – Debesh Roy (Bedouin),
Genre – Bengali Novel,
Book Format – PDF file,
PDF Size – 3 MB,
Pages – 118,

Ei Shahare Bengali Novel by Debesh Roy (Bedouin)

Debesh Roy (Bedouin) wrote the Bengali novel Ei Shahare.

The Bengali novel Ei Shahare (In this city) is written by author Bedouin. He was a prominent novelist in Bengali literature. Bedouin is a famous Bengali writer from India. His real name is Debesh Roy. Bedouin is his pen name. He was a famous novel and story writer of Bengali literature. He wrote most of his novels and stories under his pseudonym. He achieved outstanding reputation and created a unique precedent in Bengali literature at that time. Author Devesh Roy’s special novel Pathe-Pantare. In this novel, he beautifully portrays Subjugation and Freedom, Scarcity and Abundance, Monarchy and Democracy and Subjugated India.

Who’s pseudonym name is Bedouin?

His famous and memorable novels are Manush Khun Kare Keno, Itihaser Lokjan (People of History), Swami-Stree (Husband and Wife, Jeebancharit Probesh, Honan-Atmahanan, Sahamaran, Jhudhyer Bhitor Judhya (War Within War), Mafaswaler Brityanta (Villages History), Samay Asamayer Brityanta (Timeless Time) etc. He also wrote many attractive stories and novels.

His famous stories are Debesh Royer Chato Galpa (Short Stories of Debesh Roy) and he has written many essays, notable among which are Rabindranath O Tar Adigadya, Samay Samakal, Atharo Shataker Bangla Godya (Eighteenth Century Bengali Prose), Colonial Society and Bengali Journalist Prose and the President Award in 1958. He received the highest literary honor of Bengali literature Sahitya Academy Award in 1990 for his novel Tista Parer Brityanta.

When Debesh Roy received the highest literary honor of Bengali literature Sahitya Academy Award?

A strange city In this city, the writer has seen day after day the colorful life and the daily dance. This city has changed and transformed in many ways. People’s way of life has changed. Changes have happened in the quiet city.

Today in that city, the noise of people and the sound of cars start from dawn. People run in lines like anthills, sometimes haphazardly from one end to the other. Busy people running in cars or hanging in tram cars. Rows of shops are busy opening. Hotels are busy catching coal fires. Fraud has started all around. And because of that fraud, the British have established a stronghold in various cities of India. The kings were intoxicated with opium. Ordinary people suffer from burning pain. The British have established a base in Calcutta. Flight Clive from Charnock came to the banks of the Ganges in this Calcutta city.

The author Debesh Roy has beautifully elaborate the various stories of that city in his writing. The reading community of Bengal is very interested in reading this book. Therefore, the PDF file of the Ei Shahare Bengali Novel is provided on this web page for the interest of the readers. Readers can collect the novel book PDF file from this web page and read it online.

Ei Shahare Bengali Novel PDF file.

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