Madhyayuge Banglar Samaj O Sanskriti Bengali ebook PDF

Madhyayuge Banglar Samaj O Sanskriti Bengali ebook PDF.

Book – Madhyayuge Banglar Samaj O Sanskriti,
Compiled by – Aniruddha Roy and Ratnabali Chattopadhyay,
Category – Informative Book,
Book Format- PDF,
Book Size – 12 MB,
Book Pages – 300,

Madhyayuge Banglar Samaj O Sanskriti Documentary book

Madhyayuge Banglar Samaj O Sanskriti Bengali Documentary Book PDF.

Madhyayuge Banglar Samaj O Sanskriti (Society and Culture of Bengal in the Middle Ages) is a famous collection of Bengali literature. So the pdf file of the compiled book is provided for the readers and students.

In the book Madhyayuge Banglar Samaj O Sanskriti (Society and Culture of Bengal in the Middle Ages), he presented a complete picture of the social and cultural history of Bengal in the Middle Ages. Various aspects of the socio-economic condition of Bengal have been highlighted in this collection. The compilers have tried to give a complete account of the evolution of social life, family, women and group life in the context of chronological history.

The thoughts of famous writers and researchers of Bangladesh have been included in this compilation. Renowned historian, researcher and writer Atul Chandra Roy has beautifully discussed the political trends of Bangladesh in an informed manner.
An important feature of Indian Hindu society is caste and caste system. The caste division regulated the dynamics of Indian society in many ways. The dynamics of society are regulated by a wide variety of political and social conditions.

A look at the history of Bangladesh from the 5th to the 13th century shows that the concept of an all-India caste system was well established among the rulers. Chaturavarna i.e. high-low stratification between Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Sudras i.e. immutability of caste was propagated by the rulers of medieval Bangladesh. This information is known from rock and copper inscriptions. The caste system was also developed in Bangladesh as in other parts of India.

What was the nature of the urban layout in Bengal at the end of the sixteenth century? Extensive discussion on that subject is mentioned in this book. Aniruddha Roy has given a nice discussion on this. Rina Bhaduri sheds light on what happened during the Sultanate period of urban planning in medieval Bengal in this collection.

What were the reasons behind the emergence of French companies in trade in Bengal in the 16th century?

A growing trend towards Indianization was evident in Europe. By 1691 AD the French had established their own port at Chandannagar in Bengal. French companies, like European companies in Bengal, needed to be established within a more established tradition of contemporary propaganda.

Moreover, many other writers have turned the book MadhyaYuge Banglar Samaj O Sanskriti (Society and Culture of Bengal in the Middle Ages) into a great book by writing in this book. There is no doubt that this compiled book will be considered as a unique book by the readers.

The details of the writings of various authors are given below.

MadhyaYuge Banglar Rajnaitik Gatidhara – Atul Chandra Roy
MadhyaYuge Banglay Nagarbinyaser Dhara (Sultani Amal) – Rina Bhadhuri
Sharosh Shatabdir Sheshe Bangladeshe Nagarbinyas O Samajik Bibartan – Aniruddh Roy
Bangladeshe Jamindari Bibartan O Talukdari Pratha – B.R.Grover
Farasi Company O Banglar Banik (1680-1730) – Indrani Roy
Bangiyo Samaje Jatibarna Protha – Swapna Bhattachariya
MadhyaYuge Banglar Boishnav Dharma O tar Prabhab – Ramakanta Chakrabarty
Shaktadharma O Tantra – Narendranath Bhattachariya
Banglar Samaje, Sahitye O Sanskritite Muslim Obadan – Sarif Ahmad
MadhyaYuge Banglar Bhasha O Sahitya – Satyabati Giri
MadhyaYuge Banglar Chitrakala – Ratnabali Chattopadhyay
Bangalir Dharmiyo Sthapatya Charcha (15-16 Shatak) – Hiteshranjan Sanyal

Contents in Documentary Book:

The Political Movements of Medieval Bengal – Atul Chandra Roy
City Distribution System in the Medieval Period of Bengal (Sultani Amal) – Rina Bhadhury
The Urban Rormulation and Social Evolution in Bangladesh at the End of Sixtieen Century – Aniruddh Roy,
Zamindari Evolution and Talukdari Tradition in Bangladesh – B.R. Grover
French Companies and Merchants of Bengal (1680-1730) – Indrani Roy
Caste Tradition in Bengal society – Swapna Bhattachariya
Vaishnavism and Its Influence in Bengal in the Medieval Period – Ramakanta Chakrabarty
Shakta Dharma and Tantra – Narendranath Bhattachariya
Muslim Contribution to the Society, Literature and Culture of Bengal – Sarif Ahmad
Bengali Language and Literature in the Medieval Period – Satyabati Giri
Bengal Paintings in the Medieval Period – Ratnabali Chattopadhyay
Religious Architectures of Bengalis – Hiteshranjan Sanyal

Readers can collect the PDF file of the documentary book Madhyayuge Banglar Samaj O Sanskriti (Society and Culture of Bengal in the Middle Ages) from the web page and read it online.

Madhyayuge Banglar Samaj O Sanskriti PDF.

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