Achena Lincoln by Dale Carnegie PDF

Achena Lincoln Novel by Dale Carnegie PDF.

Book – Achena Lincoln (Unknown Lincoln),
Author – Dale Carnegie,
Edirted & Translated – Santosh Chattopadhyay,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 6 MB,
Book Pages – 190,

Achena Lincoln Novel written by Dale Carnegie PDF.

Author Dale Carnegie wrote the Bengali Novel book, entitled Lincoln the Unknown  (Achena Lincoln). and edited and translated by Santosh Chattopadhyay.

Abraham Lincoln is a memorable name in the history of the United States of America. As a human being, Lincoln became unique. The cruelty of the white people, the selfishness, and the unbridled oppression of the Negro slaves, one day led Lincoln to abolish slavery from the bosom of America forever. That’s why he didn’t have to pay less. The civil war broke out in the United States and in the end he had to give his life for the sake of humanity.

Abraham Lincoln’s biography as a human being should be read by every honest person. After a day of extreme poverty and hard work, Lincoln sat on the chair of the highest office of the President of the United States. The White House was one day his home in the shadow of the Kentucky forest. Lincoln is still held in high esteem by every American.

Man Lincoln’s biography is a creative, honest man’s biography. Clouds and sunshine play in that life. Dale Carnegie’s biography of Lincoln explores the life of the great man and the many unknown aspects of his character. This biography of Lincoln is therefore uniquely common. Author Dale Carnegie explored many aspects of the character of the great man in his biography, as well as his unique work. Through inhuman hard work, he has presented to the reader a huge personality and a man. This biography is not his ordinary biography, it is the invaluable result of the hard work of a researcher. The author himself writes a book that has become so other. His reverence for Lincoln was different from the other five biographies of biographies on the unknown aspects of the great man who inspired him.

There are no educated people in the world today who do not know the name of Dale Carnegie. Today, Dale Carnegie’s books are included in the reading list of many universities and educational institutions around the world. Undoubtedly, there are not many people in the world who have got a permanent seat in the minds of people by writing a book. But one day this man started his career in a small way. Dale Carnegie has given millions of people the confidence and energy they need to live happily ever after.

Dale Carnegie chose teaching life in New York City in 1912 on behalf of YMCA. From the highest strata of society to the common man did not hesitate to be his student. He wrote the book “Prestige and Friendship” thinking of everyone. And this book is what took him to the highest peak of popularity. Dale Carnegie wrote a few more books, and all of them continue to help people enjoy their lives and stand on their own two feet. Dale Carnegie’s books still sell millions of copies.

Among the books he has written are Reputation and Friendship, Easy Ways to Develop Personality and Success, How to Be a Sales and Public Relations Representative, Wife’s Role in Husband’s Success, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Lincoln the Unknown, Little Known Facts About Well Known People, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business etc. These books have a special place in the society.

Dale Carnegie’s translated version is featured on the website because we believe readers will like it. If the readers like it, I think our work will be successful.

There is no doubt that this book will be considered by readers to be unique from a unique common man, so the PDF file of this Achena Lincoln (Lincoln the Unknown) book by Dale Carnegie is given on this web page. You can easily collect this novel and read it online.

PDF file of the book Achena Lincoln (Lincoln the Unknown).

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