Jibanananda Samagra Vol-4 by Debesh Roy

Jibanananda Samagra Vol – 4 Edited by Debesh Roy PDF

Book – Jibanananda Samagra Vol-4,
Author – Jibanananda Das,
Edited by – Debesh Roy,
Category – Bengali Novel,
Language – Bengali,
Book Size – 5 MB,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 266,

Jibanananda Samagra Vol-4 edited by Debesh Roy

Jibanananda Samagra Volume 4 edited by Debesh Roy

The novel book Jibanananda Samagra – Volume 4 is edited by author Debesh Roy. Many works of Jibanananda Das are unpublished. Comprised of his unpublished works, Jibanananda’s entire fourth volume has been published for readers. In this section, the works are arranged in thematic sections such as poems, stories, novels etc. Among Jibanananda’s unpublished novels and stories written between 1931 and 1933, one long story, three short stories and a novel have been published in this volume. In 1932, writer Jibanananda wrote three stories in a row in an account called Barisal. Those three stories are also published in this volume.

Where Jibanananda Das was appointed as a lecturer?

Writer Jibanananda Das has written most of the stories and novels about real life especially weak and helpless people. His stories and novels have become very popular among the readers. Banalata Sen, Rupashi Bangla and Satti Tarar Timir are equally popular among Bengali readers even today. Moreover, his popular stories and novels are Dhushar Pandulipi (Gray Manuscript), Jhara Palak, Rupashi Bangla, Bela-Abela-Kalbela, Maha Prithibi and Sudarshana respectively.

Jibanananda Das was expert at drawing from a very young age. Feel free to draw beautiful pictures. Many images of his life are revealed through his paintings. Various images of nature and life have emerged as highly skilled craftsmen. He could depict many problems of real life skillfully. In his writings, various images of human life are revealed.

We can accept him as an impeccable painter of very real and perfect depictions, so many have called him the poet of obscurity. With his paintings, the backdrop of the creation of human life has a veil of ambiguity that he could easily convey through his paintings.

Why Jibanananda Das famous in Bengali Literature?

When the values of old times were destroyed and no new values were created, his poetic despondency, tiredness and exhaustion of the consciousness of death as a result of witnessing the degenerate society and life form, smell and taste have been perfectly revealed again and again in his various writings, so he is the poet of Hemant and the wilderness. Poet guru Rabindranath Tagore called him a ‘picturesque’ poet. He was distinct from contemporary writers. He was a multidimensional writer, his poems were just that.

Poet Jibanananda has repeatedly returned to the nature of Bengal in his poems. In Rupashi Bengali we see his image of Gandha. We do not see any such image in the poetry of any contemporary poet. Contemporary awareness is not only historical consciousness, but another noteworthy aspect of Jibanananda’s poetry. He once said himself – ‘Poetry will have historical consciousness and deep knowledge of history’. Hawaay Raat, ‘Nagna Nirjan Haat’ are two of his brilliant examples. In his first poetry book Jhara Palak, we see various images of vicissitudes of human life. Among his famous novels are Malyaban, Sutirtha, Charjan, Purnima, Jeeban Pranali, Karubasna, Petnir Rupakatha, Jalpaihati.

What is the name of  first book published of Jibanananda Das?

Poet Jibanananda Das was influenced by poets Kazi Nazrul Islam, Mohitlal Majumdar, Satyendranath Sen and later Eliot and Pound in his early poetry, but his own style emerged in art and composition. His achievements in the fields of fluent use of native and foreign words, practical or moving language, small and large foot arrangement, prose poetry, composition etc. were immense. Readers can collect the book Jibanananda Samagra Vol-4 from this page and read it online.

Jibanananda Samagra Vol-4 PDF file.

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