Surjodoy by Nihar Ranjan Gupta ebook pdf

Surjodoy Detective story by Nihar Ranjan Gupta ebook pdf, 

Name of Book – Surjodoy,
Name of Author – Nihar Ranjan Gupta,
Book Size – 7 MB,
Book Pages – 245,

Surjoday by Nihar Ranjan Gupta

Surjodoy Detective story by Nihar Ranjan Gupta ebook pdf.

Nihar Ranjan Gupta was an Indian dermatologist and a popular Bengali novelist. He is the creator of the fictional detective character Kriti Roy. His first novel Rajkumar published when he was eighteen years old. He wrote his first detective novel Kalo Bhramar which launched his detective character Kriti Roy in his literary career. Nihar Ranjan Gupta has composed over two hundred novels, plays, short stories and essays.

The most popular among them are Hira Chuni Panna, Kinnor Mithun Ulka, Badshah, Dashti Upanyas, Lalubhulu, Agatha Christle, Uttar Falguni, Asti Bhagirathi Tire, Madhuchanda, Mayur Mahal, Devyani, Neeltara, Mayamriga, Komalgandhar and Nishipadma. Forty five of his novels have been made into Bengali and Hindi feature film in Kolkata and Mumbai respectively. He was also editor of a children’s magazine named Sabuj Sahitya.

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Surjodoy PDF.

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