Pashchatya Sahityatatta O Sahitya Bhabna by Nabendu Sen

Pashchatya Sahityatatta O Sahitya Bhabna edited by Nabendu Sen PDF.

Edited – Nabendu Sen,
Book – Pashchatya Sahityatatta O Sahitya Bhabna,
Category – Documentary book,
Author – Various eminent writer, Professor, Novelist,
Page -758,
Size – 40 MB,

Nabendu Sen edited novel Pashchatya Sahityatatta O Sahitya Bhabna

Nabendu Sen has edited the book Pashchatya Sahityatatta O Sahitya Bhabna (Western Literary Theory and Literary Thought).

In his book Pashchatya Sahityatatta O Sahitya Bhabna (Western Literary Theory and Literary Thought), Nabendu Sen presents various histories of literary criticism. When Rabindranath Tagore criticizes Elliott and Bridge’s poetry in the context of literary nature and its religion, he simply discovers – “Literature today adheres to the modern religion, carefully ignoring the signs of the nobility of the past, without judgment“. Poet Rabindranath Tagore has quoted the above statement in his modern poetry.

Of course, this discovery does not solve the problem of today’s literary criticism. Anandayan was the last word of the ultimate understanding of Rabindranath’s literary sense. Although he brought the world to his imagination with the imaginary reality of “tiger glycerin soap”. Or the smoky days of the Westland, the burning lamp, the burnt land, the torn paper, the pictures of thousands of cheap whims, arranged, removed, broken and finally uttered – “The nation of some infinity gently infinitely suffering thing”.

Rabindranath Tagore, however, could not accept it in his heart. Rabindranath’s sense of beauty and joy did not allow him to tear apart his long-held social beliefs and assurances in order to destroy his long-cherished manners and reputation. He did not have a way to escape the reckless destruction of the storm. Although he could hear his footsteps in literary sense. But it was not possible for him to welcome her.

The advent of new literary criticism is here. But there is also a history of literary criticism. He also has a beginning. He is noted for its beginnings in both the East and the West. In the present context, the main topic of discussion is the focus of Western literary theory and thought related to it. Inevitably, this is why the literary theories of the Aristotle or Plato era are emerging. Touching him is the bold utterance of the next literary theory. When Plato refers to imagery, allegory, drama, characterization, staging, and pronunciation in the context of Socrates’ knowledge, he always decides the form of dialectical motion. Aristotle’s poetic theory brings out the chained presentation of the parts. And in that discipline creates beautiful totality or aggregation. Horace’s pelvic utterances also sounded a mild warning to the poets, “in short be your subject what it will let it be simple and unified”.

So the question of the composition of literature, that is, its organization or unity or the integration of discipline, has been coming up ever since – it is understood. A framework, but not so unheard of.
The idea of ​​the idol of this literary theory, which has been broken down into different words at different times, the formation of an orderly organization in the Ava-garde, the over-construction, etc., is in the process of being transformed into a changed idea.

So there is no end to literary theory and its thoughts even today. This book has been published due to the tireless efforts of the editor. This book has been published through the efforts of researchers, professors, writers and well-wishers from different universities.

This book will definitely be considered as a special book by the readers. Various works of Western literary theories and authors have been compiled in this book. This book is a compilation of the works of eminent writers and authors. Subodh Chandra Sengupta’s Benedetto Croche, Kuntal Chattopadhyay’s Sahitya Shilpa Sarvasvatar Bhabana, Subhankar Ghosh’s Naturalism, Nabendu Sen’s Deconstruction, Pabitra Sarkar’s ‘Post-Modernity and the Third World’, Orka Chatterjee’s Narrativeology and Existentialism’, Reality in Literature’ written by Sumita Chakraborty etc. are particularly noteworthy.

So the PDF file of the documentary book Pashchatya Sahityatatta O Sahitya Bhabna is given for auto readers on this web page. Readers will be able to collect the book from the PDF file and read it online.

Pashchatya Sahityatatta O Sahitya Bhabna (Western Literary Theory and Literary Thought) – Edited by Nabendu Sen, PDF file.

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