Sera Goyenda Sera Rahasya Edited by Arun Chattopadhyay pdf

Arun Chattopadhyay Edited the Detective story Sera Goyenda Sera Rahasya PDF.

Edited by Arun Chattopadhyay,
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Sera Goyenda Sera Rahasya Edited by Arun Chattopadhyay

Author Arun Chattopadhyay has compiled the famous teenage detective story Sera Goyenda Sera Rahasya (Best Detective Best Mystery).

It goes without saying that there is no good detective story in Bengal in our country. Dinendra Kumar Roy, the author of a collection of five detective stories published in 1901, paints a picture of a detective story in this way. At that time the number of detective stories was not less. One detective story after another has been written by various people. It started in 1892 with the detective story of Priyanath Mukherjee, an employee of the Detective Department of the Calcutta Police.

Readers also collect the detective story Bankaullar Daptar. Girish Chandra Bose has written this book, Kaliprasanna Chattopadhyay. Abroad, Sir Arthur Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and Watson have been causing a stir among the readers, while the readers of Bengali literature have quenched their thirst for crime stories in various police narrative stories. Those stories were deprived of literary juice in the police force. It was also normal for the detective story to be completely absent.

The popular author of the time Panchkari Dey introduced Sherlock Holmes in Bengali literature by translating from English to Bengali and publishing the book Hartaner Naul.

Beryl’s The Hound of the Baskervilles in 1904 translated Nilbasna Sundari. At that time, many people took up the pen to keep the detective story. In the writings of Nagendranath Gupta, Harisadhan Mukherjee and other literary lovers, the readers got a taste of some basic detective mystery stories.

Harisadhan Mukherjee was a well-read writer there. His written surprise murder, identified as the first teenage detective story, was published in 1894 in three consecutive issues of the monthly magazine Sakha O Sathi. Therefore, it can be said that the date of publication of the teenage detective story is 100 years old. Thirty stories have been compiled in this book by choosing from the countless stories written in these 100 years.

Popular writers may have been included in the compilation of stories to highlight the tradition of detective stories, but the subject matter of these stories was not compiled into ‘best detective best mystery’ considering the language not suitable for teenage readers.

Manoranjan Bhattacharya, one of the prominent writers of juvenile detective literature at that time, wrote Padmarag and captivated the audience in 1928. This book Padmarag is based on the Japanese detective Hukakashi. At that time we got an unadulterated detective story for children in the short literary life of Manoranjan Bhattacharya. Although he did not write the original detective story, Kuldaranjan Roy also translated Sherlock Holmes’s story excellently.

Another famous writer in the series of Bengali detective stories is Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. His campaign began with the publication of his first detective story Pather Kanta in Basumati in 1939. He stopped writing nine detective stories for a while then he wrote many detective stories again.

At that time some more prominent writers came before our eyes; We see established writers like Buddhadeb Bose, Naresh Chandra Sengupta, Saurindra Mohan Mukherjee. Even then, we have seen that Ray’s detective story has gained incredible popularity among the readers. The eighties have become such that by writing teenage detective stories, Feluda, Tapase and Jatayu have created quite a stir among the teenagers of Bangladesh and West Bengal state of India.

The compilation of this book has published the stories of 60 eminent writers. Hopefully readers, especially teenagers, will like this book’s detective stories, so we have provided a PDF file of this book on this page.

Readers you can easily read and collect the detective story Sera Goyenda Sera Rahasya from our web page.

Sera Goyenda Sera Rahasya pdf

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